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  • I will check this out tonight (its 8pm in here)

    Alright thanks a lot.

    Also, did you manage to figure out the solution to the problem with clicking the side buttons? I saw a post from before that described the issue, where the more you press the side buttons in the slide gallery, the more transitions happen and the browser eventually locks up.

    Did not noticed this with last versions… there is a mechanism that prevent that kind of issue already anyway..

    Is there? Its currently happening on that test site I posted in the original post. Check it out, press the side buttons a few times.

    Ok I get it, just stand by the next release.

    version 0.9.7 just committed, wait for wordpress system tu publish it

    I tested the shortcode way to insert the slider : everything seems ok… be careful : the shortcode is case sensitive !

    Alright so the new version seems to have fixed the transition times and overloading of the browser. Thank you for that. The text in the buttons is still being cut off. I will play with it and try to figure out why this is happening.

    Thanks for you help!

    Alright so I checked again, and if I include the movie in index.php, the text shows fine. With the shortcode, it continues to get cut. Is there any way to paste the slideshow into an individual page using php and not the shortcode?

    about the text thing : its all about css ! look at your theme’s CSS and fix the problem. you could use the “webdevelopper toolbar” for firefox and displau the css of the elements that are messed up.

    Ahh screw it, I just edited the CSS in your files and added a left margin to the text. Its weird that it works with just the PHP but not the shortcode. Regardless, it looks fine now with the small tweak. Thanks for the help! This thing is a great app. Will donate.

    Thanks !

    Always remember that the slider is made of HTML that can be styled by CSS !

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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