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    As far as I can see, I have done all the right things to get a slideshow on my front page but nothing appears. I previosly tried to add Featured content gallery but that seeme dto mess with lots of other things so I disabled that before trying to get Frontpage slideshow to work. I’m guessing that, although I remoevd all the code added for FCG, that it has left something nasty behind. Can anyone give me a clue as to where to look please?

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  • As usual, same questions :
    – any javascript error ?
    – tryed to disable all plugins but this one ? did the plugin working alone ?
    — if yes : did you tryed to activates all plugins one by one to find wich plugin is messing ?

    Hi Jeff. Thanks for your response. I’ve tried disabling all plugins and that made no difference. My guess is that it is a javascript thing. But, what am I looking for and where? How will I know an error if I see one?
    This what is on the relevatn page

    <!– added by plugin FrontpageSlideshow –>
    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    /* <![CDATA[ */
    var fslast = -1; // # of last slide (if less than 4)
    var fsid = -1; // the current slide
    var fsinterval = 0; // the setInterval var
    function fsChangeSlide(id) {
    new Effect.Fade(‘fs-slide’,{ duration: 0.5, afterFinish: fsChangeSlide2 });
    function fsChangeSlide2() {
    new Effect.Appear(‘fs-slide’,{ duration: 0.5});
    function fsDoSlide() {
    if (fsid>-1) $(‘fs-entry-‘+fsid).removeClassName(‘fs-current’);
    if (fsid>fslast) fsid = 0; // new loop !
    function frontpageSlideshow() {
    fsinterval = window.setInterval(‘fsDoSlide()’,5000);
    /* ]]> */
    <!– /added by plugin FrontpageSlideshow –>

    Anything wrong here?

    nothing wrong I had a look on your website : the slider is not inserted, the begining and ending comments are inserted but not the slider :

    <div class="postContent">
    <!-- Frontpage Slideshow begin -->
    <!-- Frontpage Slideshow end -->
    <p>The Parish of Osmington consists of

    All this because there are no posts into the category you specified into the plugin admin page… no posts found : no slider. that’s all.

    In some word : change the category into the admin page to a category that contains some posts.

    Thanks Jeff. I was advised to make the posts containing the pictures private as I didn’t want them to show up on the postings. As soon as I made them public, hey presto!
    Thanks for our help and a nice plugin.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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