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    We’re using Frontpage Slideshow and it’s worked fine until recently; not sure what the problem is. Let me state – it displays the photos, displays the content, and everything is correct EXCEPT the linking. Go to my link down below, click a link on the slider, and you’ll see what I mean.

    Unique ID – 7874

    1. I’ve deactivated all plugins and it still didn’t work
    2. It’s not working correctly in the preview
    3. We’ve reset the entire plugin
    4. It’s working by hard php code in the theme’s header file
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[FrontpageSlideshow fs_cats=3 fs_default_link_to_page_link=1 fs_main_width=906px fs_main_height=308px fs_slide_width=480px fs_buttons_width=425px fs_rounded=0 fs_transition_on_duration=0 fs_transition_duration=0 fs_template=default]'); ?>

    At first, before resetting the plugin, all of the options links (in the settings for Frontpage) were linking to “\ <div” but that was fixed with the resetting, however, all of the posts on the front page are still linking to “\ <div”.

    I have our 4 posts all with different settings to see if anything there was causing a problem and it appears the settings on the post don’t matter. I’ve put in links I want, left it blank (with the admin option to auto go to post, and selected a page to link to and all = same result.

    The website:

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  • Hello, I had this great plug-in, I’m Italian and I’m trying for months to install this plug-in again to my new blog, I do not find it anywhere, you may send it to me via email? thank you: (

    I can send you what I have but the version I have but keep in mind, I am having the issue I described above. Perhaps if you install it it’ll work on your site and help me locate the issue I’m having? What’s your email and I’ll send you a link to a zip file of the plugin.

    please send me to [ email redacted ]

    thanks!!! 🙂

    Turns out it was a setting causing the error so my plugin copy is good and my issue is resolved. I’ll email u a zip of the plugin in a little bit.

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