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  • Hi,
    I need to adjust the size of the text that displays in the caption. It looks like this is controlled by style on the fs-title id tag.
    The style has the bit of code !important!.
    This means that I won’t be able to change it unless I find where that original bit of code is, right?
    I can’t find the style sheet where that style lives.

    Any ideas of where to find this or any work arounds to adjust the font size.


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  • Plugin Author jeff_


    go to the plugin “templates” folder into the plugin’s one. make a copy of “default” folder, and give a name to this copied folder. then open the template.php file contained on it and :
    – change its name on line 37
    – change the sizes or whatever on this file and save
    – choose your newly created template via the plugin’s admin page then apply.

    Doing that way, your changes will be kept when the plugin will be updated, or you could do you very own teme by yourself if you need it !

    i read the post above and i do that on my plugin but whenever i update template.php file my slideshow becomes a one unordered column with text. Here is a screecshot:

    Thank you very much for answers.

    he cambiado el tamaño de fuente en el docuemnto template.php, pero ya no me funciona el Frontpage-Slideshow, se dañó, como puedo cambiar el tamaño de fuente en el estilo .fs-comment, gracias…

    Plugin Author jeff_


    @redal : in english please

    I changed the font size in the document template.php, but it does not work the Frontpage-Slideshow, damaged, try creating another template and also damaged, as I can change the font size in style. fs-comment, thanks …

    Plugin Author jeff_


    Try to determine how the styles cascade works then apply the right css rules to fix it… its a css thing

    I just copied the template.php from /default to another folder in the same directory, activated it and as the result my slideshow looked very similar to choopale’s. so I don’t think that it is a css thing.

    have you any idea, what could be a reason for this?

    As I can see, the output from the original template.php shows the css-rules in one line (line 152 in my theme) the output sourcecode of the copy i’ve made shows them with linebreaks.

    With which editor have you written your plugin?

    I guess, I figured out the problem. If you like to edit the css-rules in the template.php, you have to use an editor which saves your file with UNIX-linefeed (LF) instead of the Windows version (CR+LF).

    Now my changings doesn’t break up the slideshow!

    Plugin Author jeff_


    yup all true : unix-like and utf-8 as it is better.
    You’d better use an editor wich can deal natively with that kind of files… you will find them everywhere…

    hi jeff,im having the same problem too…i used another text editor aside from dreamweaver for template.php ..but still the slideshow break’s its position..

    i found a new one..and it works..a very thanks to jeff and ratterobert..

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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