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  • Thanks for the compliments !

    I actually don’t have any time to implement new functionalities : if you realy need that stuff in a very short delay, consider to donate, or just stand by.
    By now I try to fix all problems that could occurs before to add new functionalities.

    Concerning your problem with the comments : did you add them using the custom fields ?

    can i change size slidshow ?

    Wow that one is great. That was what I was looking for.

    Can I add it to any theme? And let me guess I need to have a lot of programming skills to implement it ?

    i con not place Into home me

    @m0jtaba : Yep you can change size, colors, etc… I could help you only if you give me some more elements on your problem : the best is to create a new topic.

    @bartheemskerk : almost all themes are compatibles and you actually need no programming skill to have it working fine unless you need to put it elsewhere than post content or text box into the sidebar

    Thank you Jeff. I found the plugin!

    But I have one serious problem. I installed the pligin. And the preview (in top of the screen admin)works perfect. But if I implement it, the Slideshow is not showing on my forntpage. And worst, all of my text is gone. The blogs are still there I can see the titles, but the text and pictures are gone.

    How can I fix this?

    @jeff : I can not appear into index page of site .just show in wp admin.
    What do I do to show in my website ?please help me .this is spacial
    plugin in all wordpress’s plugin.

    @bartheemskerk : what are you calling “if I implement it” ?
    You dont have to do anything special except putting a shortcode…

    @ both m0jtaba & Bartheemskerk :
    please read this if you still need help : read this post : and open a new thread with all required informations.

    I am sorry, but I just can’t guess which theme you are using or wich plugins are messing up… I’m sure you understand. Give me some more informations and I really e pleased to help you guys.

    To create a new thread, just go there :

    i am not sure

    I am having compatibility issues in Chrome where the comments below the image doesn’t show. Also, the links aren’t responsive in both fire fox and chrome.

    nightsofni: create a new thread for your issue. I dont answer to posts that pollute other threads : one problem, one thread

    I’m willing to donate to get the images similar to

    How do we get started?

    @vusis :
    1) just make a donation and ask for this request doing so. Will be on next major release.
    2) please, start a new thread! new request/subject = new thread, so simple !

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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