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  • Resolved Grace n Ease



    I have activated your plugin.. Tested it and while it does almost everything it says it will, and that is great..

    The Manage UGC menu is not showing up under the Media tab.
    I am using multisite and the plugin is installed and activated on the base site.

    I tried activating it on the base site and it didn’t show up and I tried activating it network wide and it still doesn’t show up.

    The email notification works perfect. The uploader works perfect.
    But I cannot get the Manage UGC menu to show up in the admin.

    Also, one thing I noticed is that in your documentation you say to use the shortcode [fu-upload-form] – but that shortcode does not work.

    After installing the plugin, it says to use a different shortcode which is [front-end-upload] – and that shortcode does work.

    I was confused until I saw the blurb after I installed the plugin.
    You might consider updating your documentation to reflect the current shortcode needed for the form to show up..

    Other than those two issues, I really like the plugin..

    However, would you mind letting me know how to get the ‘Manage UGC menu’ to show up so I can manage or moderate the files uploaded from admin and not having to log into my hosting to see them?

    Thanks so much for this plugin,
    Grace n Ease

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  • Plugin Author Rinat Khaziev



    It looks to me like you’re using two different plugins (Frontend Uploader & Front End Upload). Mine doesn’t have email notifications built-in (although it’s easily extendable ). [front-end-upload] is a shortcode for Front End Upload plugin.

    If you don’t see “Manage UGC” tab and [fu-upload-form] shortcode doesn’t, it means that the plugin is not activated.

    Grace n Ease


    My apologies…
    It looks like you and the other dev could benefit from each other…

    I am normally very careful about commenting on someone’s plugin..
    I see that I have both and got them confused.. Again, my apologies..

    I guess I look kind of silly don’t I? LOL
    I will mark this resolved.. and go complain to the other dev..

    I have activated your plugin and I see there is no admin except to view the files.. And the Manage UGC does show up… Thanks. But, I do see that your plugin can be modified using filters and all that.. I’m just not very good at that though.. Yours might even be better if I can figure out how to modify or “extend” it..

    I will look around and see where I can work with it.. If I can modify for email notifications and add extra fields I will use your plugin.. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Rinat Khaziev


    No worries, it’s alright. I already made a notice for my future self to check for similar titles before I release something 🙂

    Email notification will be added in future versions for sure. Just open a new thread if you have a feature request or having a hard time trying to do something.

    Plugin Author Rinat Khaziev


    Marking the topic as resolved



    Want an idea to add another plugin to your collection?

    This one is smooth, easy and probably very demanding once that fills a gap on the large variety of plugins available.

    Drop me a message at

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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