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[Resolved] [Plugin: Front-end Editor] Submitting a bug fix

  • First off, great plugin. I am in love with this thing.

    Secondly, I found a bug in the build/editor.js that occurs when a user is using the_post_thumbnail front-end editing functionality. Basically, if a user uploads a picture and then selects “Change Image” on the initial upload, the image id is not grabbed properly in the JS. I have a patched version on my github fork that you can take a look at here:


    Hopefully you can roll in this JQuery selector fix into your next version. I just wanted you to be aware of this. Thanks! Once again, thank you for the amazing plugin.


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  • Plugin Author scribu


    I saw your fork; it doesn’t help much, since the patch was made against a much older version of the plugin.

    First of all, are you sure this is still a bug in the latest version, i.e. FEE 2.3?

    If so, then maybe it would be easier to just paste the lines you changed, before and after, in a http://pastebin.com

    I have been using the automatic WordPress updater to install newer versions. This is the version that it updated last. I will make sure I grab the current version from your github tomorrow and give it a shot. I will upload the fix to a Pastebin if it is still an issue. Sorry about that. I honestly thought it was the current version. It has been a long week. 🙂

    Plugin Author scribu


    If you don’t want to bother with setting up CoffeeScript, I think you’re better off downloading the development version from wordpress.org.

    Update: Oh, it probably wasn’t such an old version then. You just tried copying over the wp.org version on top of the github version.

    I downloaded version 2.3 from WordPress and diffed it with the version with the edited JS files I have on github and that is essentially the only difference. It appears that the Version 2.3 up on WordPress is the one I was using.

    Plugin Author scribu


    Ok, but that still doesn’t help me, since there’s a big difference between the original github version (my repo) and the wp.org version, as you’ve seen.

    Just give me the bugfix. 🙂

    Plugin Author scribu


    I copied the files from your github repo into a svn checkout from wp.org and got this:


    Was there anything else?

    True. Sorry about that. And sorry for the delay. Work got in the way. That is it. 🙂

    Plugin Author scribu


    I commited the fix to the development version (2.3.1-alpha).

    Thanks for contributing!

    Great! You are quite welcome! Thanks for your patience with my scattered nature!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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