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    Hey there,

    Have been trying out the latest version of the editor and must say the work that has been done both by you guys and the Aloha team is pretty awe-inspiring! This method of editing is definitely going to take over from the iFrame WYSIWYG- its just so much more user intuitive.

    I am trying to make this work with jQuery mobile though and am having a job getting my head around some of the code so was hoping I could ask for some advice.

    First of all does this plugin tell the Aloha editor what to make editable on a per page basis when it initialises the first document(ready) call – I can see it doesn’t use document ready in the standard sense actually but you know what I mean- or does it give the editor a kind of filter of what to make editable based on markup that is added during the loop? i.e. is the initialisation page specific or more general.

    If it is more general I think it could be fairly straight forward to make it work on pages that are added dynamically using jQm by initialising the editor on say jQm’s pageShow event. I have tried this but I am not doing it right as I can’t sus out how the editor is initialised on the page- also I think maybe it needs to be ‘un-initialised’ on the pages that are not showing (perhaps on jQms ‘pageBeforeShow’ event).

    So basically do you know any code I can use in another plugin that I can stick in to these events that will a) uninitialise the editor on the current page and b) re-nitialise the editor on the page that is loaded?

    Another way of looking at this which maybe similar but have broader appeal is whether the plugin can be refreshed so it works right with elements inserted via ajax?

    Any ideas really most welcome 😉

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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