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  • I have a category_dates.php where i want to show and be able to edit right there 5 different posts.

    I did it. Everything was working just fine, everything was editable (wordpress tags and custom fields). But now i realize that i have to do a custom select query because i need to sort the posts based on a custom field date (mm/dd/yy).

    Im using setup_postdata($post); and evrything is showing up just fine. The problem is that if a do this, none of the wordpress tags (such as the_title(); or the_content();) become editable now.

    However, the custom fields, like:
    <?php editable_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'Fecha','input'); ?>
    are still working just fine, i can edit them without any problem.

    What can i do?

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  • What im going to do is a query_posts loop. The only problem i have with this is that my custom field DATE is a string (mm/dd/yy), not an actual date. So if i sort it like this:

    <?php query_posts('meta_key=date&orderby=meta_value&order=ASC'); ?>;

    Will return this:
    Jan 2010
    Feb 2010
    Oct 2009
    Nov 2009
    Dic 2009

    Instead of:
    Oct 2009
    Nov 2009
    Dec 2009
    Jan 2010
    Feb 2010

    I know this have absolutely nothing to do with this plugin. But just to let everyone know that this plugin doesnt work well with custom select query loops.

    You’re right: it has nothing to do with the plugin, but with your custom fields.

    You should save the date in this format: 2009-10-31 and then write:

    <?php date_l10n(editable_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'Fecha','input'), 'date format'); ?>

    The only problem is that editable_post_meta echoes the output instead of returning it. You can change that in fields.php.

    This did the trick:

    <?php query_posts('cat=85&showposts=12&meta_key=Fecha&orderby=date(meta_value, Y m j)&order=ASC'); ?>

    I didnt know that i could use date() inside the query_posts();

    Thanks for your time. Your plugin is gonna help me alot.

    Just to let you know, im using it to build an event planner. I have to come up with events and parties at least twice a week. We are 5 people working on this. So i needed a nice clean (and shared) way to keep everyone up to date.

    So with the help of custom-field-templates plugin I established the variables (date, cost, description of the event, bands playing, and image).

    Now, I will creat a bunch of posts because i already know that i have to plan an event, lets say 8 weeks from now. I will set the date for every single one and i will keep them in a category called future_event (which isnt shown on the public website).

    Once the post is edited and done, then we will change the category to public_event to become a public post. So its a cool way to do everything just once. Everything is there in the post before it goes public.

    Thanks again.

    date() happens to also be a function in SQL. 🙂

    Interesting use of WordPress. But I don’t get where you’re going to use FEE.

    Im using FEE to build a front-end interface easy to use. My coworkers dont know anything about wordpress, but they know how to doble click and type.

    Oh, nice. Good luck.

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