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  • Hello everyone, specially to Scribu who made this awesome plugin posible.

    I have a WordPress Multisite instance which uses WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin to map domains like with the subdomains in my WordPress network like:

    Yasterday I started using Frontend Editor plugin in my network as a “must use” plugin (inside mu-plugins folder), but noticed it didn’t work in mapped domains but it did with no problem in no mapped websites ( A little bit of research showed me that the problem as that some of the Javascript files used by FEE (Frontend Editor) were not being included with the propper URL in the src attribute, like this:

    OK (no mapped domains):
    <script src="" ...

    WRONG (mapped domains):
    <script src="<strong>http://mapped-domain.coms</strong>" ...

    So, it looked like there was a problem when generating the javascript files URL, time to read the plugin code! This is a step by step description of what I did:

    1. I compared the source code present in a blog with mapped domain and another without it, one of the missing files was “aloha.js”
    2. Opened /wp-content/mu-plugins/front-end-editor/php/core.php, and started looking for “aloha.js”, found it around line 144:
      'src' => plugins_url( 'lib/aloha-editor/lib/aloha.js', FEE_MAIN_FILE ),
    3. Ok so, plugins_url( ‘lib/aloha-editor/lib/aloha.js’, FEE_MAIN_FILE ) was returning a wrong path to the file (a very wrong one), it seems that it just adds an “s” (from “.js” maybe?) to the end of the mapped domain, don’t know why and didn’t researched more about it, since I was focused on getting it working for now.
    4. In order to retrieve the right URL I replaced that piece of code with this: WPMU_PLUGIN_URL.’/front-end-editor/lib/aloha-editor/lib/aloha.js’. That did the trick by retrieving the URL as if it was a no-mapped domain, this means that you will include the file from: instead of from, which is fine, the file is actually there.
    5. Once that was done, I looked for other similar problems, and found the same issue with editor.min.js, editor.css and aloha.css and other ones that are included when the plugin’s debut mode is enabled.

    So, to recap, I’ll show you which pieces of code I replaced. Italic is the original code, Bold is the one I replaced it with:

    Line #61 /wp-content/mu-plugins/front-end-editor/php/core.php

    if ( in_array( 'rich', $wrapped ) ) {
    			<em>//wp_register_style( 'aloha-editor', plugins_url( 'lib/aloha-editor/css/aloha.css', FEE_MAIN_FILE ), array(), ALOHA_VERSION );</em>
    			<strong>wp_register_style( 'aloha-editor', WPMU_PLUGIN_URL.'/front-end-editor/lib/aloha-editor/css/aloha.css', array(), ALOHA_VERSION );</strong>
    			$css_dependencies[] = 'aloha-editor';

    Line #92 /wp-content/mu-plugins/front-end-editor/php/core.php

    } else {
    			$min = defined('SCRIPT_DEBUG') ? '' : '.min';
    			<em>//self::register_script( 'fee-editor', "build/editor$min.js" );</em>
          <strong>wp_enqueue_script( 'fee-editor', WPMU_PLUGIN_URL."/front-end-editor/build/editor$min.js" ); </strong>
    			$css_path = 'build/editor.css';

    Line #99 /wp-content/mu-plugins/front-end-editor/php/core.php

    // Core style
    		<em>//wp_register_style( 'fee-editor', plugins_url( $css_path, FEE_MAIN_FILE ), $css_dependencies, FEE_VERSION );</em>
    		<strong>wp_register_style( 'fee-editor', WPMU_PLUGIN_URL.'/front-end-editor/'.$css_path, $css_dependencies, FEE_VERSION );</strong>
    		scbUtil::do_styles( 'fee-editor' );

    Line #144

    echo html( 'script', array(
    		<em>//'src' => plugins_url( 'lib/aloha-editor/lib/aloha.js', FEE_MAIN_FILE ),</em>
    		<strong>'src' => WPMU_PLUGIN_URL.'/front-end-editor/lib/aloha-editor/lib/aloha.js',</strong>
    		'data-aloha-plugins' => implode( ',', $plugins )
    	) ) . "\n";

    People, I hope this help others but also I hope Scribu get to see this and comment something, as long as I have tried this, it works, but maybe he has something to say about my “fix” because remember this is not an official fix..

    ** Note for Scribu: I get this warning in Chrome:

    event.layerX and event.layerY are broken and deprecated in WebKit. They will be removed from the engine in the near future.

    Maybe it can be fixed by using a more general attribute of the event?

    Thanks a lot and best regards to all of you.

    PS: I also published this article in my website:

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  • People, I’ve been commeting about this on my website with Scribu and after some research I’ve found that the problem is actually with WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugi, check out this code:

    domain_mapping.php Line #656

    // fixes the plugins_url
    function domain_mapping_plugins_uri( $full_url, $path=NULL, $plugin=NULL ) {
    	return get_option( 'siteurl' ) . substr( $full_url, stripos( $full_url, PLUGINDIR ) - 1 );
    function domain_mapping_themes_uri( $full_url ) {
    	return str_replace( get_original_url ( 'siteurl' ), get_option( 'siteurl' ), $full_url );
    if ( defined( 'DOMAIN_MAPPING' ) ) {
    	add_filter( 'plugins_url', 'domain_mapping_plugins_uri', 1 );

    The domain_mapping_plugins_uri function is used to filter the plugins_url function and return the plugins folder (or file inside it) url with the mapped domain, it does it by searching “wp-content/plugins” but it fails when the plugin is loaded from the “wp-content/mu-plugins”. This can be fixed by validating if the passed URL contains the “mu-plugins” string or not.

    This is the fix I added:

    // fixes the plugins_url
    function domain_mapping_plugins_uri( $full_url, $path=NULL, $plugin=NULL ) {
      if ( !empty($plugin) && 0 === strpos($full_url, 'wp-content/mu-plugins') )
        $mapped_url = get_option( 'siteurl' ) . substr( $full_url, stripos( $full_url, 'wp-content/mu-plugins' ) - 1 );
        $mapped_url = get_option( 'siteurl' ) . substr( $full_url, stripos( $full_url, 'wp-content/plugins' ) - 1 );
    	return $mapped_url;

    Note that I use “wp-content/plugins” and “wp-content/mu-plugins” instead of the “PLUGINDIR” constant which is deprecated by the way.

    Please not that this is not an official fix, since I’m not the author of the plugin, however I hope this can solve this problem for other people as it did for me, so you can enjoy and empower your network with this 2 amazing wordpress plugins!


    Is it possible to use the admin editor with all the buttons in the front end. If so could you please help me on this.

    Hello praveen88, actually havent seen that, but check this plugin

    Good luck!

    I am also unable to get the plugin to work on mapped domains, but we are using the WPMUDEV Domain Mapping plugin (paid plugin), not the free WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin …. The issue is that when you click the edit button, the progress wheel spins and never stops spinning …. not sure if this helps, but figured it was worth mentioning …. no problems on domains that have not been mapped.

    Diesel12, you should check if the URLs for the JS and CSS files included by FEE, if they are wrong it might be an issue with a filter added by the Mapped Domain plugin to try to figure out the new mapped URL.


    David, url’s look ok …. 2 CSS, one for editor and one for aloha and 2 JS, one for editor and one for aloha as well that are working URL’s … also, I’ve corrected original message, editor button is visible, progress wheel just spins and never stops after clicking edit button ….

    Oh, that sounds like a JS conflict to me, have you checked with firebug or something? are you using other plugins that might be loading jQuery, Mootools or other libary?

    Not seeing any JS errors in firebug … the unmapped site and mapped sites are using the exact same plugins / themes … of which there are a couple plugins loading Jquery …

    Plugin Author scribu


    Look for { ajaxurl: 'http://...} in the HTML source. It’s probably set to the wrong domain.

    There’s one ajax link and it appears it’s going to right domain … I’m assuming backwards slashes are normal? http:\/\/\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php

    Plugin Author scribu


    Then you’ll have to inspect the AJAX request using either Firebug or Webkit inspector. Plenty of tutorials on Google for that.

    Thanks, I will take a look. In comparing the source for non-mapped (FEE working) sites vs mapped sites (FEE not working) the code is identical … so it doesn’t look like CSS or JS is getting bad links ….

    Also changed to 2011 theme and turned off all plugins to no avail …

    Did notice the following in error logs though …

    [09-Feb-2012 22:21:23] PHP Warning: Missing argument 3 for FEE_Field_Category::wrap() in /home/folder/public_html/wp-content/plugins/front-end-editor/php/fields/post.php on line 305

    Scribu, everytime I try to save a widget’s title change I get the following JS error in firebug:

    in editor.js (and editor.min.js)

    this.save_button is undefined;

    I checked the JS and noticed that the when I edit the title of a text widget the “start_editing” method from is used, but then I hit ESC or ENTER the launched functions are defined in the FrontEndEditor.fieldTypes.input object.

    You have any tip on how to solve this or where to check?


    Plugin Author scribu


    My first tip would be to open a new thread.

    This goes for praveen88 too.

    If everyone just posted their issues in the same thread, what would be the point of threads?

    Thanks for this very insightful post… I have this problem too (with the paid domain mapping plugin) and will have a fiddle with the code and see if I can fix it.

    Thanks for posting.

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