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  • I try to use this plugin. Highlighting works well. However, the edit image is not shown and doubling clicking is not doing anythng.

    This is the error I have in Chrome:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object function (E,F){return new o.fn.init(E,F)} has no method ‘proxy’

    And this is what Firefox says:

    f.proxy is not a function

    All hapenning in:


    Any idea why?

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  • Plugin Author scribu


    It’s because Front-end Editor requires jQuery 1.4 or newer.

    I believe WordPress 2.9 ships with jQuery 1.3. If you’re on WP 3.0, it means that a plugin or your theme is causing an older version of jQuery to be loaded.

    Thank you Scribu!

    It took a while to upgrade to WP3.0.1 as our MU installation was breaking on some other plugins ( apparently is_site_admin was called to earlier and while working well on 2.9.2 it completely disabled admin menues on 3.0.1).

    Now it is all fixed and Front-end-Editor runs well.

    Do you plan to twist it for the multi-site edition?

    This will be very useful indeed.

    Plugin Author scribu


    Do you plan to twist it for the multi-site edition?

    I don’t know what you mean. I didn’t run into any problems while running FEE on a multisite install.

    For multisite, I would love to see few features where the Site Admin can allow/disallow certain things on all blogs.


    Plugin Author scribu


    Ah, I see.

    I think a generalized way of sharing settings accross sites is needed, not just for Front-end Editor.

    Scribu, I have found one issue with Front-end Editor.

    We use WordPress Facebook “Like” Button (

    It hooks on:
    add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wp_fb_like’, 999);

    So whenever the post is save with Front-end Editor the_content is updated again with the FB button once again.

    This results in double FB button which looks pretty buggy to the user.

    Any idea of how to fix it?

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author scribu


    Here’s a workaround:

    if ( !is_admin() )
        add_filter('the_content', 'wp_fb_like', 999);

    Hmmm, this will completely remove FB add-on for the site admins, meaning they won’t be able how many people liked their pages.

    This is certainly a feature they will miss.

    I am trying to think of a smarter way to do this.

    When does FEE triggers “the_content”?

    Maybe we signal FB not to be included again?

    Plugin Author scribu


    No no no, is_admin() checks if you’re in the wp-admin area, not if you’re an administrator.

    Thank you, you are so right.

    I thought it is is_site_admin which is now is_super_admin or something.

    Great hack, solves my issue indeed.


    Front-end Editor works fantasticly fine on all WP theme, however it breaks on this one that uses javascripts too:

    Any idea of needs to be updated?



    We have found the issue.

    Our JS was generated like:

    document.title = ‘<?php echo $current_site->site_name; ?> – <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> – <?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?> – ‘ + $link.text();

    Front-end Editor was using single quotes as well, this of course made the stript fail once precessed by the Front-end Editor.

    After changing to double quotes all runs fine:

    document.title = “<?php echo $current_site->site_name; ?> – <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> – <?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?> – ” + $link.text();

    Thank you very much for your wonderful code and support.

    You may wish to add the note about single/double quotes to Front-end Editor docs.

    By the way, bloginfo(‘name’) also altered the title; i.e., added <span class=’fee-field fee-filter-bloginfo’ data-type=’input’ data-show=’name’>…</span>.

    To stay with a clean one it is now has been coded as:

    document.title = “<?php echo $current_site->site_name; ?> – <?php echo get_bloginfo (‘name’); ?> – ” + $link.text();

    Plugin Author scribu


    Glad to hear you figured it out.

    Good that you don’t hook on get_bloginfo – else it would be more difficult.

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