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    Hello scribu,

    I’ve disabled WordPress’s auto-paragraphing via

    remove_filter('the_content', 'wpautop');

    so my content is normally saved with paragraph tags (<p>…</p>).

    When I use Front End Editor, it strips them when saving, which unfortunately spoils the markup. Is there any way I can prevent that?

    Thanks! S

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  • Plugin Author scribu


    If you disable the WYSIWYG editor from WP Admin -> Settings -> Front-end Editor, the paragraphs should be preserved.

    I’ll try it — thanks.



    Is there any way I can use the front-end WYSIWYG editing mode and still keep the paragraph tags?

    I just need a way to prevent FEE from doing a reverse-autop before saving, I think…

    Resolved? I don’t understand how you can say this is resolved. This problem is making me crazy.

    If you turn off WIZZY editing, you defeat the best part of Front-End editor, which is WIZZY editing at the front end. And yet, if you leave it enabled, all of your P tags are stripped out, so the user cannot tweak with the larger admin-editor such as TinyMce or CKeditor.

    I cannot be the only one who uses both editors, and yet I don’t see a lot of complaints. But Aloha isn’t yet robust enough to completely replace my editor for all use-cases.

    Is there a chance this will be fixed soon?

    Plugin Author scribu


    Download the development version (2.2.1-alpha) and add this line in your functions.php file or wherever:

    add_filter( 'fee_rich_clean', '__return_false' );

    <<Download the development version (2.2.1-alpha) and add this line in your functions.php file or wherever:>>

    “File Not Found” in the alpha link” 🙁

    Plugin Author scribu



    Thank you. New version uploaded,but no functions.php included in release. I am not familiar enough with WP to know what “or wherever” means.

    Which functions.php file should I use, or does it not matter?

    Plugin Author scribu


    I was referring to the functions.php file in your active theme. Also:

    Creating a Site-Specific Snippets Plugin

    Thanks much. Will try it.

    As instructed, tried adding this…
    add_filter( 'fee_rich_clean', '__return_false' );

    to bottom of theme/functions.php
    and then to
    wp-config.php as a test

    In both cases, I get a completely blank page. Shared host not letting me get to the error log, for some reason.

    I can certainly try the plugin route you suggest, but it seems it should work just as one line appended to the bottom of either of those files.. but it doesn’t.


    Got it. Pilot error.

    Works perfectly!

    Thank you!

    I have a lot of friends who need this superb editor, but they won’t be able to handle adding the line to functions.php Do you have an estimate of when a release or beta will be out that includes it?

    Plugin Author scribu


    Even after an official release, that line would still be necessary.

    Do all your friends also use CKEditor, to need this, though?

    Also, how exactly did you install CKEditor anyway?

    Yes..they do use ckeditor, as do my co-workers because I set them up and support them with these tools.

    It was the only WIZZY (until the awesome Aloha,anyway) that wasn’t unusably slow, as TinyMCE is. But FEE/Ahoha still doesn’t have a robust set of standard toolbar buttons so my users still need those things from the backend editor.

    I installed CK with “Dean’s FCKEditor plugin,” which I think is the only standard plugin for WP.

    I assume WP’s plugin architecture doesn’t provide some hook for adding such modifications to the active theme, or is this case just that unusual?

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