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  • Try adding define( 'SCRIPT_DEBUG', true ); to your wp-config.php file and see if you get a more helpful error message.

    Also, does the error appear right after the page has loaded, or do you need to do something first?

    No the error appears when i try to edit the content.

    Now i’m getting:

    Error: response is null
    Source File: /wp-content/plugins/front-end-editor/js/fields/0-basic.js?ver=2.1.3
    Line: 86

    what is front-end-editor trying to do in this part?

    It’s trying to fetch some data via ajax, but the response is blank.

    is the front-end-editor using current filepath or domain’s path?

    You can monitor ajax requests (including request URLs and data) using Firebug or Webkit console. Google it.

    🙂 Did that already and my question is: Is there a problem with 302 redirects?

    If the URL that FEE sends ajax requests to (admin-ajax.php) is emitting a redirect, yes, it is a problem.

    Ajax requests can’t handle redirects.

    Thanks a lot. i think thats it.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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