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  • ok, so I headed over to the demo site you linked to: and tested the page with YSLOW. And guess what? YSLOW is still complaining about 44 objects that are not on a CDN.

    Why is that? does it not recognize coralCDN?

    BEsides I have another feature suggestion: what if you include an option so the end user can chose which CDN to use? i.e. if someone has an account with the amazon cdn let him input his login data and let the plugin handle stuff throught that particular CDN? Doable? Likely?

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  • Hi Ovidiu,
    About YSlow not recognizing CoralCDN, I really don’t see it as a problem. YSlow is just a tool anyway.
    About your feature, actually I’m working on another plugin that target the commerical CDN’s, and it’s in testing phase. Stay tuned!


    YSlow is kinda dumb. It looks at the URLs in your site and if it recognizes one that is from a known CDN it knows you have a CDN.

    So if your URLS are. or then it knows you’re using Limelight or Akamai.

    So it obviously doesn’t know what the CoralCDN url looks like. Also even if you’re using a CDN and you CNAME to it, YSLOW doesn’t know.

    For example. pointing to your CDN Host.

    Don’t Rely on YSLOW to know you’re using a CDN.

    The way Coral CDN works is this:

    you add: to the end of your URL and then it will deliver the content from the CDN cache. If Coral doesn’t have it in cache, it will go to whatever the rest of the URL is to get it.

    Example: (is the source) (Coral CDN cache servers)

    Coral is ok, it’s a FREE CDN. If you are doing less than about 100-200GB of content delivery /month, Coral might be fine. But if you’re doing more than a couple thousand page views a day or more bandwidth, then Coral will probably not be able to keep up.

    – Mike Colburn

    thx for the highly qualified answers, and besides I have already found phoenixheart’s other plugin.

    just out of curiosity: being on my own root server, hsoting only moderately visited sites, what benefits woudl I get from using a CDN free or paid?

    I kinda don’t see the benefit right now, for the average user…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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