[resolved] "Make Field Required" Not Working for Custom File Upload (2 posts)

  1. kaleidoscopecastaway
    Posted 3 years ago #

    First of all - great plugin, very user friendly!

    Secondly, for some reason checking the "Make Field Required" on a Custom File Upload variation doesn't seem to be working for me. I get error messages for the text fields I added if they are not filled in, but not for the file upload. I tried editing my theme copy of foxyshop-custom-upload.php directly to add "foxyshop required" to the appropriate inputs, but that doesn't seem to work either...am I missing something?

    And another question regarding custom uploads:
    I see in foxyshop-custom-upload.php a code snippet that I can "Use instead if you want to use timthumb to set the result as the product image in the cart" but I'm not sure which piece of code to substitute it for?

    Thanks for your help!


  2. sparkweb
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi there. Thanks for writing. I'm sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I was able to track down what's happening here and it had to do with a visibility filter which was getting a little too aggressive. I've dialed it back and it's working properly now. Please replace the following function in foxyshop/js/variation.process.jquery.js


    For anyone else finding this, this will be corrected in the 4.1.5+ release of FoxyShop.

    Regarding your timthumb question, I am trying to remember what I did here. I believe that you'll just comment out line 45 and uncomment those other lines. And make sure that timthumb is sitting in your root directory. You may have to tinker with it a little to get that to work. Let me know if you still run into any roadblocks and I'll dig up the site that I did this for.


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