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  • I’ve made a new plugin
    to make forums by simply inserting a short code on your page.

    Now what I need is:

    • feedbacks & reviews
      It’d be great if some of you would actually download the plugin, try it, and then give me feedbacks or write a review.
    • better css
      I’m a programmer familiar with php/mySQL, but quite a novice with css 🙁
      And I must admit my plugin is not very pretty looking.
      I’m more than glad if there’s somebody who could offer a better css, or give me advice to fix the html the plugin generates, so that it’ll be css-mannageable.

    ===Now lemme advertise my new plugin a bit :)===

    The plugin is with a rich setting page,
    and you can freely customize your forum.
    (Or, if you are lazy, you can just leave the settings as default :p )

    Various mails can be sent from the forum, like:
    –password reminder,
    –account activation,
    –topic-update notifications/ post-reply notifications
    and more 🙂

    You can integrate your forum with SNS.
    The SNS icons won’t show on the sign-in page and so on.

    Members can edit their posts with a rich editor.
    Your forum will be full of colorful posts with smileys 😀

    Messages can be sent among members.

    If you have question/suggestion on my plugin,
    I’m available at

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  • Looks good

    I installed it and created a page with the code
    I created a used, logged in and it says
    “no topics yet”

    But I see no button, no way to create a topic.


    I found why
    I was not admistrator yet

    == but whe I try to add a post there is no Post buttom to submit with

    Thank you SO much, scarduner, for trying my plugin!!
    Oh, real sorry you have problem with it X(

    There are three possible reasons I can think of now.

    1) FORUM_MMOO plugin is having problem with your wordpress template
    This is the most probable one 🙁
    Could I see a snapshot of your page, if you don’t mind, so I can see what is wrong with my plugin?
    You can post images in my forum,
    or maybe can you send me your URL through private-message of my forum?

    2) something wrong with “MEMBER GTOUPS” setting
    With forum_mmoo, you can change actions permitted to the members.
    That is to say, you can FORBID posting EVEN FROM ADMINISTRATOR.
    With the default settings, administrators CAN add/edit/delete posts/threads, but maybe it’s not the case with your setting now??

    3) you really are not an administrator yet
    With default settings, administrators need specific account-activation. And maybe your administrotor-account is not activated yet??

    I do hope we can set it right and you can fully make use of your forum with my plugin!!

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