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    Hello, I normally don’t complain but this is starting to become a trend that needs to stop.
    I have noticed lately, that some plugins have been forcing automatic updates even when it’s disabled. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

    I have noticed this with Siteorigin and I requested them to stop and they did, but the fact they were able to do it was concerning because if they can so can others. Just now, WooCommerce just did the same thing. This is becoming to be a trend and you need to release an update to stop this from happening.

    Yes updates are good for security reasons but there is a good reason to not have auto-updates and that reason is sometimes something might go wrong when updating. If these plugins can force it by ignoring the auto-update this is a BIG problem. It’s best to let the user decide. Important to make backups first then update. Not let these plugin companies decide for me or others. Sure I can complain to WooCommerce about it but that solves nothing. Someone else will do it. WordPress, you need to fix this. This is absolutely wrong.

    I control my updates with backups first then update. Not some random plugin developer choosing to do it and bypass the Disabled auto-updates function.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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