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  • I’m looking for something that can allow users to save a particular post to some sort of a playlist (as in youtube) or lightbox (as in stock photos). Like a personal favorites.

    Any idea?

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  • whooami



    Any one of the various social networking plugins will more than do what you are asking for.

    I would prefer my blog subscribers to be able to do that without having to sign up for another 3rd party service. Any ideas?

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    Sounds like a good idea for a plugin… Let visitors choose “favourite posts” then add a cookie with the post ID. Then check for that cookie and if set, show “Go to my favourite posts” link in the sidebar…

    I would like to have that to!




    Hasn’t that been done?? alex king’s ‘share this’ doesn’t allow you to bookmark posts?

    Im using something that I wrote myself that allows you to bookmark individual posts and so the social bookmarking thing, so Ive never looked at his plugin..

    It wouldn be all that difficult to add to his plugin though, if it’s not already there.

    We’re not talking about “bookmarking” a post or “sharing” a post, we’re talking about making it a personal favorite, like you can do with these posts at the top of the screen. The “Add this topic to your favorites” will add it to YOUR favorites on this site, not in your bookmarks etc.

    Seems like there has got to be SOMEONE out there that can figure this out… who knows… it may end up being me. Believe me, I will post how to do it if I figure it out!


    Any luck finding anything. I’m very interested in the same thing.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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