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  • netbuddy34


    Ive looked around at the various differant plugins that deal with user privlidges etc, but I cant seem to find what im after.

    All I want is the ability to create a user in admin, then give that user permission to post in 1 specific category that I have defined for them and nowhere else. Also the ability to edit their own posts.

    Tried Role Manager, but that doesnt have the fine permissions system im after. Anyone else got a suggestion for a plugin of this nature?

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  • perthmetro


    here are the two plugins you nedd…
    === Level2Categories 2 ===
    Contributors: LeoGermani
    Donate link:
    Tags: categories, user levels, capabilities, roles, limit, restrict, post
    Requires at least: 2.3
    Tested up to: 2.5
    Stable tag: 2.2.1

    Allows you to create a relationship between User Levels and Categories, so only users with a defined level will be able to post on a chosen category. Its useful if you want to reserve a category only for Editors or Administrators (or whoever you choose) to post on.



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