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  1. iyamdman
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I want to build a photo based collection site.

    The site will have a homepage, with some photos and content talking about the collection.

    Each post would have a photo of the object, and a short paragraph of text and the tags which will describe the year, model, color and other object descriptors.

    The Navigation menu would look something like:

    Home, Tag1, Tag2, Tag3, Taglist, Search, Links, About, etc…

    Tag1, Tag2, Tag3 pages – I would want pages that consist of posts with tags that are for the page name.

    Example: Tag1 could be “Blue Wheels” – when you click that link on the Navigation menu – it will take you to a page that is build of all the posts in the database with the tag “Blue Wheels” and sorted in descending order by the tag date.

    Is this even possible?

    If so, what are the steps I would need to take to modify the Theme to have a page like this?

    Could this be done with a plugin?

    Taglist – basically I would like a page that is just a list of all the tags in the database, and when you click one – it will open a page that is built up of all the posts in the database with that tag.

    Can this be done with a plugin?

    Do you know of an example of this, or a theme with the type of page in it?

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