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plugin for redirecting "account has been suspended" page ?

  • Hi friend,

    Some times my hosting provider suspend my account and the message displays like:” Account has been suspended”. When my site visitors gets this message, it won’t look good. So i want a page that displays a very good message that looks nice when hoster suspends my account.

    I would like to know that, is there any plugin or other way to resolve this ?


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    if your account has been suspended, anything you install will have no effect.

    You need to speak to your hosting company or host with a different company.

    That is alright. But sometimes it happens all of a sudden, then my site shouldn’t display the error message like ” Account has been suspended”.


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    You need to find out from your hosting company why the site is getting suspended. That message is coming from them, not WordPress.

    Sometimes i forget to pay the renewals, then hosters suspend my account. That happens, but my question is, is there any solution (plugin etc) for that to display a custom message instead of a default message ? Got my point ?



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    Nothing will work if your account is suspended.

    ok great!

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    Got my point ?

    Oh yes I got your point the first time. It looks like you have finally got mine now that esmi explained it a bit better.

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