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  • I’m building a website for my Triathlon club. One of the most important things we want on our website are the race results of our members. Currently we post them using a normal blog post, but we would like an easier way to add them to the website (someone without computer experience should be able to add results).

    I’m looking for a plugin which enables me to create an event and add results of different people with their race times on the website. An example of what I mean you can find on:

    Uitslagen Egmond

    As you can see the number of between times differs per race. A 5km run doesn’t have between times, while a triathlon has between times for swimming, cycling and running.

    I tried to achief this using different plugins, but couldn’t get it to work:

    • Pods plugin (can’t get it to work with different between times)
    • Running times (only supports one runner)
    • Custom post type UI (can’t get it to work with different between times)

    Does anyone know a plugin I can use? Or should I write my own plugin to support this?

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  • What sort of issues were you having with Pods and between times?

    I want a different number of between times for every race. With pods I don’t know how to do this in a normalized way.

    With pods I created two custom types:

    • Events
    • Results

    This way I can create an event and add results to the event. The only way I could find to create a variable number of between times was by giving results a couple of between_times_x fields. This only makes it hard to give proper names to the between times (like 15km point, switch from swimming, etc). It also makes it hard to create tables like in the example page in the topic start, because different results posts in the same event can have different between times in this way. Which should not be possible.

    But maybe I think to hard about it. I would like a good solution using the pods plugin

    How many between times do you need?

    Depends on the race, but at most 10, I think

    Something you could maybe do to get around that, is one of two things:

    1. Use a plugin like Advanced Custom Fields or Custom Field Suite, they have a special ‘loop’ field type that lets you group fields and duplicate them as many times as you need dynamically from the Result’s form

    2. Add 10 between_times_X text fields, and add 10 between_times_label_X simple relationship fields (define your specific race types you want), so you can enter the times and select the type on each, and output it into your template that way.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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