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  • A couple of my readers have emailed me asking me to correct mistakes in their comments—normally HTML errors, but sometimes just simple typos. Is there a plugin that allows comments to be previewed first before being posted?

    I’ve seen this question asked a few times before in the archives but I couldn’t find an answer. I would have thought it was a fairly frequently requested feature.

    Iam using WP 1.5, BTW.

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  • Thanks, Kafkaesqui. For some reason my search didn’t pick up on that thread.

    Live Preview wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but I think it might well do. The trouble is that although there are reports of it working fine in WP 1.5 all the instructions linked to are for WP 1.2, and I am not at all clear how I would enable this for WP 1.5.

    <?php commentScript(); ?> goes in header.php, in the <head> section.

    onkeyup="ReloadTextDiv() goes in comments.php, inside the definition of your comment textarea. That line begins <textarea name="comment", if that helps.

    <?php comments_Div() ?> goes in comments.php just below the </p> following the comment textarea.

    There’s a couple other things you can do with this plugin, but I’ve not tried them and you don’t need them to enable comment preview.

    Just in case this goes missed, a slight improvement to Live Comment Preview:

    Yeah, the second one (mine) will just drop in and start working, but not as customizeable. (Mostly, you can’t place the preview div anywhere you want)

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