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Plugin for “Post Updates”?

  • What I’m looking for is the following. Maybe there’s a plugin and I just haven’t found it yet?

    Looking for a plugin that creates a process for “post updates”, so that rather than going back to an entry and manually adding, say, “UPDATE: Since this post, something’s changed on this story. Foo bar et cetera.” one could go into WP, go to an entry, click “Add New Update” and it would create an entity not unlike a comment in that it’s a separate object, but attached to a particular entry.

    There’d then be template code to display any Updates that might have been made to each post.

    Does a plugin exist that does this? I’ve been trying to find a blogging platform, in itself or via plugin, that does this since my early MT days.


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  • Another way to think of it, more simply: It could basically be a clone of WordPress’ comments system, but only accessible to the author of the post through the admin backend.

    Hmm. That would really rock. ‘Add on’ both a comment (so people who just follow the comments can get updated) and a new ‘addition’ to the post.

    Durn it! I want that too!

    I asked elsewhere, and someone remembered this: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-update-message/

    Doesn’t update the comments or change the title, but.

    Hmm. That’s not quite what I’m after, but it’s interesting.

    Or, really, that’s halfway there. But rather than a note saying there’s been something updated, I want the note itself to be the update, and I need to be able to post more than one of them to the entry.

    theonetruebix, did you ever find anything to manage blog updates?

    Right now, I have a hacked up way of doing it by using blog comments. It’s a category where users can’t comment so I post the updates as comments on my own blog posts (hope that made sense). It somewhat works but it doesn’t show up in the updates (the comments) don’t show in the main feed.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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