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  • On my WordPress site (currently at I have both MIDI files and MP3 files in use (mainly because I have no MP3 files that I can use in place of the MIDIs, which is why they are still there). Currently, I”m just using an embed for them, but I notice that when you load the page, if it’s your first time loading it, it gives a greyed-out icon instead of the player – upon reload and all subsequent loads, the player shows again.

    I’d like to find a player that I can play both my MIDI and MP3 with through WordPress, but there’s a few problems with this. First off, I have hundreds of music files, I don’t think my storage space would be enough for them. Secondly, the only one I can find that does MIDI is Blubrry, the rest only seem to do MP3s, but looking in the Blubrry documentation, its players only mention MP3.

    Anyone else been able to embed MIDI files on their site successfully?

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