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  • I am new to using wordpress. I have been using it for about 5 months now. I am making a site and I want people to create an account and then log into a Members only area. I want there to be a free membership part and then a Paid membership part as well. In there I am planning on uploading a few videos in the paid membership area and also have download links for PDF/Word documents in the Paid part of the site. I was looking at a few plugins and when you go to create a account with them it is making you sign up for a wordpress account. I dont want my costumers to have to do that. I want a membership that is run with out a wordpress login if there is something available. I was hoping to be able to do PayPal payments. i.e someone would log into there paypal account and have the total they have to pay me to get access to the site. I was also wanting to be able to in the paid membership area give people a free pass to it. Also be able to create Admin users and allow them to upload videos to the site. Is there a plugin that will do this? That isnt to hard to work with??

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