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  • I like the wysiwyg-thingy so I don’t want to disable it just to hack some html. Is there a plugin to make tables (as in tables with rows and columns in posts and pages)?

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  • Still looking for this one, happy for any pointers or links.

    There’s either the EditorMonkey plugin or a TinyMCE plugin to extend its functions.

    Editormonkey looks nice but it doesn’t give me table functions?

    I’m looking as well…tinymce is an option, but requires you to go in and manually edit page code for pages you want to use it on…

    A third party wysiwyg html table creator might work, then cut and paste….

    I’m testing NVU right now. Cut and paste seems to work easily, but its not ideal…

    I agree totally – this is really needed. I tried EditorMonkey and AdvacnedWysiwyg, but neither worked for me in 2.0.2. Probably beyond my hack/install capabilities. It seems like adding tables to the WP wysiwyg editor shouldn’t be too much trouble for someone who knows what they’re doing?

    I’ll add my voice in here.

    I’m beginning to use WordPress with small community groups as a mini-CMS, and of course laying info out in a table is something that all non-personal publishers want to do a lot. And as a rule, the people who work in those groups aren’t up to preparing an HTML table outside WP and dropping it in.

    There’s a table plugin that works with Wysi-wordpress here

    But I really need one that will plug in easily to the WP editor in its out-of-the-box state. I don’t want to have to switch people to Wysi-wordpress. Customising is money and these folks don’t got none, and the amount of time I can give for free is limited.

    Has anyone found anything good on the wysiwyg-table-front?

    Ad me to the line – it really seems to be a need for it. I use EditorMonkey but have not got the tablefunktion to work eighter.

    Cmon PluginProgrammerArmy – go and get it. ( I always feel so useless when realising my limited skills in programming help)

    This is not a plugin solution, but may work for your users. Most word processors (MSWord, etc) have easy to use table functions AND can save/convert to html. Since the users probably already have the table created in a word processor, just show them how to save as HTML, and then copy the table code into a WP Page or Post.


    I use the Add Quicktag-button to create a Quicktag which will insert a preformatted table with placeholders fed in already.

    Works well.



    Hi lhk

    Please share.



    Pizdin Dim


    I use the excellent PHP Markdown Extra plugin, which supports tables and is REALLY easy to use.



    Remember .. tables is for data from a database, not design. by the way .. i write tables faster then a wysiwyg tool
    people are so helpless without their tools…

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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