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  • Hi!

    I am thinking about creating a two-language blog. What I need (and what would be useful for many other users, I think) is to customize my categories in WordPress in an advanced way – namely the following:

    Currently, categories have only these editable properties:
    Category name, Category parent, category description.

    What I need, for making ONE blog with TWO languages, using TWO separate character encodings, and MAYBE two different (although slightly) themes for EACH of the two main categories, is the following:

    Each category should have the option of selecting:

    1) the character encoding for it (and NOT GLOBALLY, as is done currently in the WordPress interface).

    Let’s say, I create 2 main categories. One is called ENGLISH and the other BULGARIAN (for example).
    The first one will use the iso-8859-1 encoding or the UTF-8. The second will use the windows-1251 encoding (because this encoding kinda became a standard for pages written in Bulgarian).
    Currently, to specify encoding, you go to Options -> Reading, and set the encoding there. But it specifies it on ALL of the pages of the blog.
    If I can specify the encoding for my categories, I can create TWO categories (or 3 or more) and specify the encoding for each of them. Posts will be presented in the encoding of the category.

    When going to the WRITE POST in admin panel, and when selecting the CATEGORY for the current item I want to write, selecting the CATEGORY (and sub-category – let’s say I have TWO main categories EN and BG, and in each one of them 5 sub-categories, like, NEWS, LIFE, ABOUT, etc.), at this moment the encoding of the WRITE POST page would change accordingly to the category encoding specified.

    This would be very nice!


    2) The category shoud have the option of specifying the THEME for it. Let’s say, I have TWO main categories. For the first I have created or modified a theme, all in English. For the second, I have modified the SAME theme, only slightly changing a few graphics and changing all corresponding texts in the language I want (like, PREVIOUS/NEXT, dates, etc.)

    For displaying the categories items on the blog, I could have two different main blog pages, one showing ONLY items from category ENGLISH (like,, and the other from category BULGARIAN ( What category to show will be specified in each of the pages.

    — — —

    That’s it, in short. The other option, of course, would be creating TWO blogs at the same time, each with its character encoding specified, but this will mean, double support, double upgrade each time WP releases a new version, install plug-ins twice, etc.

    Is this doable? Does such plugin exist or maybe we should write it? Or maybe an exisiting plug-in could be used (which one?)

    Hope I have explained my idea well…

    Last, maybe this plug-in should have some option, like SPECIFY ADVANCED OPTIONS only for several categories (like only two top-level categories), and then it will be not needed to specify the same options (character encoding, themes, etc) in the second-level (sub) categories, e.g. they will take the setting from their parents.

    You only select 2 categories with ADVANCED options (1-character encoding, 2-theme selection) and then all of the sub-categories BELOW one of these categories will take settings automatically…

    — — —

    Any ideas?


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