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  • I am searching for a more advanced WordPress plugin that can help me organize a collaborative type blog.

    Specifically, I need some type of approval process, that will email specific editors and administrators when a post is ready for review, but not necessarily alert EVERY editor and administrator. Many alert plugins will notify everyone with a certain administrative level, but not every editor will need to review every post, so I would like to be able to select who reviews what. I only need ONE reviewer per post, not all 5, and each reviewer has specific areas of expertise.

    Also, it would be helpful to integrate a “notes” system, where writers and editors can comment on the post before it is published. I have found Peter’s Post Notes to be helpful for this, but the partner plugin, Peter’s Collaboration E-mails, is not flexible enough. My editors are not computer savvy, and will not sign onto WordPress unless they receive an email.

    I have also tried Edit Flow, but it has some glitches that make it cumbersome to use.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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