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  • I am looking for a plugin to backup WordPress websites, and restore them in case something goes wrong.

    The simpler the plugin, the better (I would like to stop keeping backups myself, and asking customers to care of their own website backup).
    Plus for a free or inexpensive plugin.

    Until now, I have made manual backups, so I have a question about plugins.
    Let’s say I have a 1 year old backup available, nothing in the website has been changed, so that’s fine. BUT, the site goes down for whatever reason and I cannot recover it. So I re-install WP, install the backup plugin and load the 1y old backup. But, the newly installed WP is presumably a different (newer) version of WP than the one the backup is based on. What will happen?
    Should I keep a zipped WP coherent with the backup?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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