• I bought this plugin 2 years ago and started working with its creators. I also paid a lot of money for preparing the extension of this plugin. Unfortunately, when I get to know the plugin better, I have more and more problems. The custom extension that I ordered did not meet my requirements, although my mistake was that I did not check it well after receiving (I just trusted that they would make a good product). Unfortunately, the developer does not know what optimization, efficient operation or UX is. And justifying the mistakes that “it was not in the specification” is ridiculous. I do not recommend using this company’s services.

    As for the plug-in itself … It looks advanced, but it’s not a pleasure to use it. Lack of proper grouping of rounds for seasons, problems with responsiveness, a lot of unnecessary and ugly code (the extension prepared for me contained as many as 16 additional js / css files!) – these are only some of the problems. So if you want to use it for fun and do not ask questions, do not expect frequent updates (I had 2 in 2 years I guess) and you want to pay a lot of money for poor support, use this plugin. I regret that I lost time and money on this product whose price is not adequate to quality. An amateur plugin, unless you invest a lot of time and money to rewrite it.

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  • Plugin Author beardev


    Thank you for taking your time writing the review!

    It is really pity to hear such review after ~2 years development services, endless support and a lot of efforts done by our team. The customer indeed ordered customization but didn’t have time to pay attention to anything: requirements documentation, functionality developed. We have been delivering free code correction according to his requests many times never mind if it were bug fixes or functionality changes that were never mentioned or estimated, even after custom development guarantee was expired a long time ago.

    We are a very small team and cannot invest our own time and money in someone’s ideas endlessly without getting paid.

    It was even more suprisingly to receive the last change request (not bugs) after almost a year after we delivered the software with TREATS to write a bad review. Sorry, but we don’t cooperate with blackmailers.

    >> do not expect frequent updates (I had 2 in 2 years I guess)
    This is not true. You are welcome to check the development log here https://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/log/joomsport-sports-league-results-management. 8 versions within the last 2 years.

    >>Lack of proper grouping of rounds for seasons, problems with responsiveness, a lot of unnecessary and ugly code.
    Our product is not perfect indeed. I would say noone is. The functionality offered is really huge and we are trying to keep the balance between new features and product quality. Thank you for pointing out!

    >>poor support
    This is not true. Our support is done in a timely manner. Our customers always receive the responses and their issues treated properly. Many customer reviews (200+) prove this well, both here on WordPress for all our plugins, on the Capterra software catalog and on Joomla extension catalog.

    Thank you!

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