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  • Have you modified the plugin php file at all? I’ve just looked at the source code for your implementations of the tag cloud, and they do have a <br> after each link. However, the plugin source code doesn’t seem to be spitting out any <br>s at all…

    It looks like you’re running the category cloud inside a post or a page or something, using a plugin like RunPHP or PHPExec or what have you.

    This is where the BR’s and the P’s are coming from. Because you’re running it in a post, it’s going through the normal WordPress post filters, which adds that sort of thing.

    Instead of running the code in a post, put it in a page template or in the sidebar or wherever you want it to be. Putting PHP code into posts/pages is usually a bad way of doing things.

    It does the same thing in the footer.

    What footer? In all three of those “offending pages” above, he’s put the code into the Post/Page content, not into the footer.

    fyi hanilovesme – No, I haven’t modidfied the plugin code.

    re: Otto42 – Thanks mate, that sounds like the direction I need to go. I do have them all in a ‘page’, and yes I am using runphp.. haven’t had any problems with wp-email and a couple of other trinkets running in pages, but it sounds like your on the money. Will try my hand at page templates later and see what happens. Cheers. 🙂

    re: mythusmage – It doesn’t do it in the footer or sidebar. I switched it around and tried it in different places before I posted and it was only in a post or page that I had this problem (unless you meant on your site, then that’s a whole new story)

    I now know that page templates are easy … and it worked a treat, all fixed. Woot! Thanks Otto42.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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