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  • I don’t suppose you could shed light on why the twenty eleven theme doesn’t play nicely with your plugin in IE8 or 7?

    My site causes the browser to hang using either of versions using Windows 7 or XP (it’s worse in XP).

    I have a suspicion it’s something to do with HTML5 markup, but am not sure what to do about it.

    The site is here: (and I have hardly made any changes to the stock 1.4 version of your plugin).

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  • It would appear that is actually the fancy box code that is the culprit.

    When I commented out the include_js/css lines for this in class-football-pool.php, the site started to work again.

    Basically this JS code appears to grind IE 8 & 7 to a halt on every page refresh, so it must be doing some heavy processing each time.

    What is this actually used for? Does it matter that I have commented it out? I get a JS error on the page now it’s gone. Will this cause me any issues?

    If I edit out the fancy box line in pool.js, the JS error goes away.

    It looks to me like I don’t really need the fancy box code unless I’m worried about the stats page. Is that right?

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    The fancybox is only used on the teams page to display a larger image. Stats page does not need fancybox.
    If you comment out the fancybox line, then everything should work just fine. Except the team image is shown in a new window, not a lightbox.

    I downloaded a new version of the fancybox code and added it to the development version of my plugin. Maybe that version does not ‘hang’ IE8/7. You may try it. Or indeed just comment out the fancybox functionality.
    I don’t have IE7/8 so I can’t really test it. IE9 in IE7/8 standards mode does not hang on the old or new fancybox.

    Ok, that’s great. I’ll give it a try at some point (I don’t actually have either IE7 or 8 myself – but it’s on all the work computers where I’m running the pool. Only devs where I work get to use other browsers unfortunately.)
    Thanks for the help as always!

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