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    When I increase the size of the font I choose for the header text, it increases the font but also pushes the header down and makes a big blank space above it.

    is there a way around this?

    also – if I decide to undo the effects of this plugin, how can I do that (i.e. how I can return to the original header font)?


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  • I get the exact same issue!! On the previous version of “Font” I didn’t have that problem but the new version does it, it’s like it selects in pink the space above the title and when I move the cursor to increase title size it also increases the space above it.

    Any one can help or give us the name of another plugin which doesn’t do that?


    I manage to get an older version of “Font” but get the same problem, it must be due to WordPress 3.4.2

    Plugin Author killerdeveloper


    Hi guys,
    you’re using default selectors, aren’t you?
    Use “Pick element” and then click on your title first. You’ll notice how “Selector” field changes to much simpler rule.

    Don’t try to get old version because any 3.x is discontinued and you’ll see a message to upgrade. Don’t try to get 4.0 and 4.1 they are too buggy. If 4.2 is not working for you I’m working on next update so stay tuned.

    Why was 3.x discontinued?
    The way the old plugin worked:
    – You set fonts for title, headers etc.
    – Font is embedded from – linked straight there
    – CSS is linked to – and it’s dynamically generated CSS to get your appearance rules and font location
    – Now every time someone’s visiting your website, his browser is also connecting to to generate CSS and get that font file
    – So Traffic of all Font plugin user’s websites became the traffic of of font plugin users tens of thousands x average number of these users visitors a day = MILLIONS requests to!)
    – These were tens of gigabytes of data bandwidth and my account was suspended in hosting company
    – I was forced to shut down CSS generating service and 3.x is now dead

    Now that’s how it works:
    – You set fonts for title, headers etc.
    – Fonts are downloaded and saved locally in “Font” plugin folder
    – CSS is generated only once when you save your settings
    – Now every time someone is visiting your website he’s only visiting your website, where everything is stored locally and is not involved anymore
    – Traffic on now slowly drops, the service becomes faster and more reliable

    And I’m making fast updates to make sure that plugin will work for everyone. Just wait for 4.3 version which I’m going to upload tomorrow or later this week.

    best regards,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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