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    I’ve just noticed that this plugin imposes forced branding on the front-end of the site (maybe I missed it but I don’t remember reading anything about that in the plugins online info :-/ ). I’m more than willing to give credit to anything that enhances my site but I’m not willing to have forced branding on my site. Please make this optional (by either having an unbranded version or providing an option in the back-end to remove it) in a future version.

    Since this plugin isn’t working for me (as described here) I’ll be keeping it deactivated but installed until it’s working and branding has been at least made optional.

    Thanks in advance,



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    Thanks for your feedback,
    well branding is the price for using this plugin. You can put some css styles on it to make it blend better in your footer. After 10k plugin downloads I’ll consider adding feature for removing branding for a small fee like 5$ paid by paypal. Still it’s in footer and it’s just a text and most people tolerate it.



    It’s a shame that you feel that way. I’m now seriously considering not using this plugin at all as it’s not a necessity…I’ll keep it activated until the other issue is resolved in the hope of helping others who have the same experience but after that I’ll more than likely delete it (sorry to sound blunt, but I genuinely don’t agree with your point of view)…

    Plugin Author killerdeveloper


    Of course you can delete it or you can continue to use it that’s only your choice. My policy is to also have some benefit from my work. I’m web developer in London and if I would spend same amount of time as on developing my plugin I could do contract job for couple hundreds punds. But still plugin is free.

    Hi Mr killerdeveloper, I would be prepared to pay you $5 by Paypal to help me remove the branding. Which address shall I PPl to?

    Kind Regards

    “There are only a few restrictions
    4. The plugin must not embed external links on the public site (like a “powered by” link) without explicitly asking the user’s permission.

    Your plugin is currently enabling a link before the user has explicitly agreed.
    This is not permitted.

    Could you please amend the plugin so that the option is not checked and is defaulting to Off.

    The plugin is withdrawn until:
    1. This behaviour is changed
    2. The plugin version is updated
    3. The new version removes the link on existing installs.

    The same applies to your other plugin.

    I’m sorry I don’t understand? How do I remove the branding?

    You need to edit font.php and remove lines 228 – 234
    It starts:

    //add link
    //I would just hide this with JS :D - BUT THATS NOT PERMITTED TOO!

    but you need to remove the following 6 lines too.

    You should use notepad to edit the file or use the plugin editor in the blog admin.

    Thanks Mark, I’ll try it out!

    Plugin Author killerdeveloper


    It’s done on “Font” plugin, it will also remove link when current users will update

    The remaining issue:



    These conflict with the GPL.
    Please read the GPL and decide if your plugin is released under it. If so please amend the plugin file to indicate the license.

    Only GPL (or equivalent) code is permitted in the directory.

    Plugin Author killerdeveloper


    So what should I remove in order to not conflict with GPL license?

    Your statement basically says “You can use but not touch”
    You need to allow anyone to do anything with your code. So they can remove, add, re-engineer all they want on any site they want for anything they want.


    But you should understand the implications. Please read that page.

    Plugin Author killerdeveloper


    Look now

    Thank you – the plugin is back.

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