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  • You don’t necessarily need FLV Embed to display YouTube videos. Using HTML editor you can embed YouTube and specify size in WordPress using default embed features.

    [embed width=480 hieight=360][/embed]

    I could not get your video url to work with FLV Embed, however FLV Embed works great with all of my self hosted .flvs.

    I have a theme which displays videos using custom fields and flv-embed plugin so the familiar embed solution won’t work in this case.

    Same here: the YouTube videos that I embedded with FLV Embed have stopped working… I would very much appreciate a fix for this issue, as I have embedded many videos this way already (it would be a pain to change everything) and I also want to continue using the custom player of FLV Embed.

    Any ideas? FLV Embed hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but it is still the best plugin for this kind of stuff as far as I know. Do you know if any good alternatives? Thank you!

    I have sent a message to this plugin programmer but unfortunately till now he didn’t reply.

    I’ll try to fix this when I have the time. I’ve been trying to setup a new website for all my plugins and to create dedicated forums so users can discuss bugs and request new features to be added.

    I have other projects that needs to be worked on but I will return to this plugin soon. Sorry for not releasing any new updates since everything is pretty stable. Now that something breaks I’ll definitely get a new release out asap.

    Yeap, YouTube part is broken (for some time). No update from autor’s side 🙁

    Hi Guys

    Yes it seems the youtube functions is broken.

    The reason for this is because the old api no longer exist or has being moved. I ran to see if it was still there and received a 404 page.

    So in short no longer is here. this is the player that is needed to play the files. All you need to do is change this to

    If the programmer can send me the .fla file so that i can make these changes i will be happy to do so. For i would imagine this url is sitting in the .swf file, which i cant decompile.

    If no response, i’m also willing to rewrite the .swf file as a last option, but will be a lot faster if eyn sent me the files or just makes this quick change.

    Thanks again, great plugin!

    Stil no fix for youtube?



    Can anyome suggest me an alternative for FLV Embed?



    Also local .flv files no longer work. This plugin seems dead and it was the best and smallest flv player for wordpress!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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