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  • I noticed that recently the developer has removed the project webpage (, there’s zero communication as to the intentions or status of this project and there hasn’t been a truly stable version available since 2.7.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. But given how truly great this plugin could be if it worked, I am anxious to see a stable version for WP 3.0. I hope Flutter is not another Textmate 2.0 or Duke Nukem.

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  • hello r0bw:

    if you like flutter you should check their derivate work called MagicFields


    Flutter development has ceased and Freshout will be focusing their efforts on other areas of plugin development. If you are a current Flutter user, there is a migration path to Magic Fields, check out their for more info.

    Magic Fields background info: They are a few of the guys from the Flutter project that no longer work with Freshout who wanted to keep it going but were unable to continue under the “Flutter” umbrella. They forked and cleaned up the code a whole lot. Still a work in progress but if you use Flutter now, you’ll want to migrate to Magic Fields or go into something like Custom Post Type UI –

    Thanks guys, I’ll be sure to check out your suggestions.


    Don’t use Magic Fields and definitely do not try to migrate from flutter to Magic Fields. After 10+ attempts it’s obvious that there are serious problems in the development of this plugin. It’s a WordPress hack and it’s data relation via post_meta values has been replaced by core functionality. DO NOT USE THIS PLUGIN, YOU WILL REGRET IT! (I definitely regret it, just lost 1.5 years worth of data relationships, they will now have to be manually re-related by hand using custom taxonomies (the right way)… [$2000 approximately…O_o])

    I got some problems when I install flutter .
    So @james (MacManX) refered this link . Could any one tell the alternatives to flutter ?

    Does any one of you have idea on Magic fields ?

    The alternative to Flutter is using WordPress Custom Post Types.

    i’ve been testing (quite succesfully) a combination of Custom Post Type UI ( to rapidly dev custom post types and Verve Meta Boxes ( for custom fields. Most rapid and user friendly method I’ve found so far.

    Word of caution though – it’s obvious some of you are really stuck because of lack of support for Flutter. There are no guarantees of future support/dev on these (or any?) plugins either. Sometimes it’s just easier in the long run to bite the bullet and learn how to do it from the ground up by coding yourself.

    I recently started working on a website which uses a custom theme that is highly dependent on Flutter. I’ve never had so many problems with a WordPress site and have been working my way through fixing them. Now, I find that none of the custom fields will update when editing a post.

    Until there is time and budget to re-theme the site away from Flutter, I need to try and fix the updating issue. So has anyone come across this or know how the updating function can be fixed or hacked to work?

    Any help is appreciated.



    I heard about magic field but immediately on installing it, hit problems. Gone now.

    I’ve never had so many problems with a WordPress site and have been working my way through fixing them.

    hi.. rajni

    hi.. tbittan

    hi there,

    i’ve used flutter/freshpage on a couple of projects now. it seems to work ok for me – even in WP 3.1 (as i’ve discovered this morning).

    i made a tiny correction to a PHP file a while back and now i just copy the folder over to a new project. i know it’s not the ideal, and i’m not really a developer so don’t know about ‘proper’ code. maybe i’ll try magic fields for the next one because it’s sounds more active as a project.

    the biggest drawback with any of these plugins, seems to be the lack of documentation or support. with flutter/freshpage – theres little or no documentation on e.g. calling your newly created variables into your custom HTML template. something i worked out eventually (luckily) by firebugging the wp-admin system!

    anywho… glad to share the working folder as a zip if anyone wants it. probably not the proper way to distribute code tho :/

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