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  • nieohne


    I got the same error….

    TypeError Error #1090

    Anybody know what to do??



    I just found out that wp saves the xmlfile in the upload folder, but flShow wants it to be in plugins/flshow/resources. So I moved the xmlfile to that destination and it works. But that is not a good way, does anybody know how to change the path?



    your errors seem to be different error #’s. I had the 1085 error before and it was because I hadn’t closed a <p> tag.

    I cannot seem to find your xml file or the slide show where you listed it. Did you pull it?



    Does someone can help me about this 1085 issue. Many thx



    I would suggest either posting your code or creating a test page we can reference and then posting the link.

    I am getting the same error and have left a comment on the plugin author’s site.

    exact same problem for me. I tried moving the xml file, which was indeed in the uploads folder. But it didn’t make any difference. Anything?

    Anyone have a solution to this??? I’m getting the same #1085 error message…Thanks!

    I moved the xml file and it didn’t matter. It seems like it is looking for the xml in the wrong place which has to do with the post url. In my case it’s looking for For some reason, while creating my post, it auto-saved it before I had a chance to select a category. Then I selected a category for it “Photo Albums” but maybe it didn’t update the place where flshow stores it’s data.

    Yep, I moved the xml file too with no luck. When I create a carousel, for example “123”, I would get the error message…

    XML data file:

    TypeError Error #1085

    Something is misplaced. Hopefully, somebody with more knowledge could shed some light.

    What version of wp are you running? I can only get it working in 2.6.
    By following the set up instructions via the plugin, this works when I test it in v2.6. In v2.7, I get an input/output error in regard to loading the xml regardless of where I save it (/resources or /uploads).

    I am running 2.7.1. You can see the error here.

    ok interesting. I run also on 2.7.1 and get the same errors. Really hope we soon get the attention of developer.

    Somebody find the solution please?

    Ok. I know very little php and nada about flash- just a caviat, but this is how I fixed it for myself.
    Of course, I didn’t save my errors to copy here (sorry) and don’t want to reproduce them at the moment, but I was getting the input/output error, not the #1085 error.
    It looked to me like flshow manager was looking for the .xml file in both the root directory of my wordpress install, and in the plugins/flshow-manager/resources/ directory, under the title/name that I gave it in the setup which was just for my reference. For example I gave my first flshow gallery the name Home Page, which became the slug home-page. flshow was looking for “http://mysite/wordpress_root/home-page”, and “http://mysite/wordpress_root/plugins/flshow-manager/resources/home-page”. So it’s looking for two files that (a)don’t exist where they are, and (b)have no file extensions.

    So I took my .xml file, which was actually named flShow_carousel_446.xml (446 being the ID number of the carousel in the flshow manager interface), and actually located at /wordpress_root/uploads/flShow_carousel_446.xml … and I copied it to the /wordpress_root/ AND the wordpress_root/plugins/flshow-manager/resources/ directories, renaming it home-page.xml in both places. I also left it in the uploads folder as is.

    Then I found line 805- 811 in flshow.php, which echo the filenames into your page. Mine looked like this:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    			jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    				var flashVars = {xmlfile: '<?php echo $show->guid; ?>'};
    				var objectVars = {bgcolor: '<?php echo $background; ?>',  allowFullScreen: <?php echo $fullscreen; ?>, wmode: '<?php echo $wmode; ?>'};
    				swfobject.embedSWF( '<?php echo path_join( $fl_show->plugin_url, 'resources/flShowCarousel.swf' ); ?>', '<?php echo $flash_container_id ?>', "100%", "100%", "9", false, flashVars, objectVars);

    and I added
    , ('.xml')
    on line 807 just after
    '<?php echo $show->guid
    so that the end result (all of line 807) looks like this:

    var flashVars = {xmlfile: '<?php echo $show->guid, ('.xml'); ?>'};

    Which has worked for me, with one carousel. When I have time to try adding more I will see what happens. Good luck.

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