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  • I have the same issue. After creating a flipbook, we are given a link where we are supposed to see the flipbook we created. But it doesn’t show. Please help us. Many thanks.

    Anyone here to help? Or can anyone provide another non-flash flip book?

    I’ve done all that I had to.

    Made a new Flipbook, uploaded the images, added the gallery..
    But when I publish the post en go to it, I get an error 404 because I have no archives. So I can’t view the post!
    Can we edit where the post is published?

    Plugin Author tambourdeville


    Don’t forget:
    Place the file “single-flip_pong.php” in your theme directory (“/wp-content/themes/yourActiveTheme/”)
    and active in the menu this custom post type…

    It sounds like a great plugin. But I have the same problem as bbq797 & michellebanayo.

    Is this php.file supposed to be empty, or do we need html?
    I found two on the internet ( & and pasted them in the file but still I got the message “page not found”?

    Does the plugin work with all themes (I use twentyeleven)?

    Plugin Author tambourdeville


    you simply have to copy ONE file in the template directory: it’s “single-flip_pong.php” (the template directory is often /wp-content/themes/yourActiveTheme ).

    It’s the only thing you have to do before creating your flipbook.

    @proudmary: yes the plugin is supposed to work with all themes. I tested it with twentyeleven, it’s fine !

    If you still have issues after that, just ask !
    The Tambourdeville team

    I’ve got the same problem.
    I copied the file single-flip_pong.php in my active template directory but the problem is still there.

    I need help!

    I, too, really want to use Flip Pong V, but am having great difficulty. First, where can I find the template directory? On the “Editor” page there are several template folders listed, but I don’t know to which one to add the code. Totally confused!! : ( Also, it would be great if a user could just install the plugin and have it work right off the bat without having to paste code : )

    Please help!! : ) Thanks!!

    The plugin is installed in /wp-content/plugins and I copied single-flip_pong.php to the active theme directory. Created a theme with several JPG images and published. When I clicked the “visit page” link or use the permalink shown I get a 404 error. The permalink includes /flip_pong in the path. Do I need to change htaccess to accommodate this path?

    Forgot to mention I’m using the Graphene theme.

    Never mind. I can’t get it to display right.

    Plugin Author tambourdeville


    Hello, sorry for the delay,

    @wordgirl: you don’t have to copy any code, just the FILE (“single-flip_pong.php”). As said in instructions, the usual template path is “…./wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/” if you’re using twentyeleven theme.

    @chanur: you don’t have to change htaccess or the path, I can’t see why you can’t display it. What version of WP are you using ? The plugin is supposed to work on
    Ask if you need additional help.

    For info:
    The plugin is working with a custom post-type (“flip-pong”). So WP needs to have a template to display the page containing the flipbook. If the file isn’t pasted in theme directory, it will never work.

    The TambourdeVille Team.


    I’m having problems getting the plugin to display correctly.

    The problem appears to be that when the page is rendered its not finding the template (single-flip_pong.php) for some reason. The page is being rendered with ‘page.php’ and so all I get is a list of images.

    I have the template in a child theme for twentyeleven, but I’m assuming that can’t be the cause of the problem.

    Things I’ve Tried
    1. Copied the template from the installed version, created a new php file on the server and pasted in the contents.
    2. Removed the first version of the template and replaced it by uploading the template that comes in the download package.
    3. Deactivating and reactivating the plugin.

    Other Notes:
    1. On the admin page the listing for “Flipbooks” shows a missing image. This seems to suggest that perhaps some css is not being found?
    2. Looking at custom post types it appears that the custom post type for the plugin is being registered.

    Any suggestions on where else to look for solutions would be appreciated.



    I’ve managed to get the plugin to work.

    I think the main problem people may be having is that in the plugin code it is looking for “/flip-pong-V/”, however when you install the plugin, the actual directory is “/flip-pong-v/”.

    So if you go into your plugins directory and rename the flip pong directory to /flip-pong-V/ this should fix it.

    I also had a problem with my .htaccess file, however by going to permalinks in the and clicking the save changes button to regenerate the .htaccess file (you may need to copy the code manually, if you haven’t got access to it).

    Now I’ve got it working it is a very useful plugin, thanks TambourdeVille.

    Plugin Author tambourdeville


    Hi all,
    thanks for detecting the issue ccbrett!
    The last version of the plugin resolved this.

    So to everyone who had any issues, the first to do is upgrading to the version 1.1.

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