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    Is it possible to remove the box shadow for the area before the first page in the flipbook?

    Currently the first page starts on the right, like the cover page of a book, unfortunately if you choose to display shadow on the flipbook, it is displayed all the way across, even if no page is there.

    Looking at the css, the box-shadow is added to the div with the ID magazine, I guess for the shadow to be removed on the left hand side, you’d need to take it off #magazine, and add it to the individual page divs.

    Would it be possible to fix this in a future version of the plugin?

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  • Hi.
    Were you able to apply those CSS changes to your site?
    LMK if you need help with that. If so, please share a link to your site.


    All the CSS is handled inside the plugin, I’ve tried removing the box-shadow from the #magazine div, and adding it to all the child divs.

    This looks okay, apart from when you hover over the first page. When the page curls over, the box shadow re-appears, I guess for when the second page is displayed there.

    I guess the box-shadow could be removed using CSS and then added in later using jQuery, when the 2nd page is visible.

    Not to worry, I’ll try that method, I was just wondering if it was something that should be changed in the plugin release.

    Thanks for your response.

    No pb. Just checking if there was smth I could help you with. If the pages are switched by clicking on an element in the page, you would have to link the CSS change to the click event:

    $('.trigger').click(function() {
        $('#magazine').css('box-shadow', 'value');

    You would need to replace value with the desired box-shadow value.
    If the magazine div is displayed or generated when pages are switched (instead of on document load), you might have to set a timeout to your function to delay its execution slightly.


    Plugin Author tambourdeville


    I would be very glad to have any help to improve the plugin!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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