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  • Here is a comparison of the two outputs. It looks like the contents of the the $items[$i]['description'] output from the MagpieRSS has changed to strip out all HTML tags.

    In 2.6

    [description] => <p><a href="">yearginsm</a> posted a photo:</p>
    <p><a href="" title="Getting Into the Holiday Spirits"><img src="" width="240" height="180" alt="Getting Into the Holiday Spirits" /></a></p>

    In 2.7

    [description] => pa href= posted a photo:/p
    pa href= title=Getting Into the Holiday Spiritsimg src= width=240 height=180 alt=Getting Into the Holiday Spirits //a/p

    i tried the plugin, me too, flcikr images are not showing up on wordpress 2.7

    I have turned in a bug to the developer. Let’s see what happens.

    This isn’t the prettiest fix, but it will get your photos to show up again. Step through the plug-in file until you find this line.


    if(preg_match('<img src="([^"]*)" [^/]*/>', $item['description'],$imgUrlMatches)) {


    // Hack to switch regular expression based on WordPress Version
           	 if (get_bloginfo('version')=='2.7') {
           	   $pattern = '/img src=(.*) width/';
           	 } else {
           	   $pattern = '<img src="([^"]*)" [^/]*/>';
           	 if(preg_match($pattern, $item['description'],$imgUrlMatches)) {

    I am ABLE to see my images using get_flickrRSS() function, but this function only works on my home page. If I click on any of my posts or pages the I see broken images, I can still see the image titles but not the images. Is there any fix for this?


    I disabled the “Enable the image cache” check box and my problem is fixed. That means I’m using this plug-in with WordPress 2.7 without any problems.


    This may end up being a hosting issue, as my test site on my Mac seems to work just fine with 2.7+flickrRSS. I am on Joyent’s Shared Accelerator. I’ll take a shot in the dark and say few other people on here use that service.

    Nothing of all these solutions worked for me… there’s a real problem… I’m trying to display a pool of group.
    My wordpress 2.7 is hosted on a dedicated server.
    Thanks for your help

    I couldn’t get it to work in wordpress 2.7 either, after a lot of tests I found the fetch_rss returned a time-out error with this plugin. I’ve got it working again by replacing wp-includes/rss.php with an older version (wp2.6) of this file, and now it works. Still trying to figure out a nicer fix for this.

    this worked for me in wordpress 2.8.5

    // Hack to switch regular expression for 2.8.5
    				$pattern = '/img src=(.*)/';
    				if(!preg_match($pattern, $item['description'], $imgUrlMatches)) {
    				$url_array = explode(' ',$imgUrlMatches[1]);
    				$baseurl = str_replace("_m.jpg", "", $url_array[0]);
Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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