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  • as of yesterday, flickr increased the size of their default images (going from 500px max width, to 640px max width)

    the new 640px url ends with _z.jpg (where as the 500px one ends with .jpg)

    is there anyway to have flickrpress to display the _z images? nothing on the flickr.php file in the plugin dir is suggesting so 🙂

    anyhelp would be appreciated.

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  • The change needs to be made to line 159 in interface.php. It looks something like this:

    $item->image = $flickr->buildPhotoURL($photo, ‘medium’);

    Change it to:

    $item->image = $flickr->buildPhotoURL($photo, ‘large’);

    thanks jalessi, that solves it for most of the images im calling

    however some of them dont have “large” images generated (as im guessing they’re under the 1024 ‘large’ size). if “medium” generates the 500px flickr image, and “large” does the 1024px one – is there anyway yet to generate the 640px image?

    a quick look of phpflickr shows that its not been updated since flickr changed so might not be built to take the _z urls

    (also – looking at the interface.php file, there is another section underneath line 159, around line 213 to 233 – there is a few _m references in there, would these have any effect on the 640px hunt if they were replaced with _z ?)

    thanks for any help 🙂

    oh i think i have it, in phpflickr.php line 295 add in _z to the empty “”

    before: “medium” => “”,
    after: medium” => “_z”,

    i’ll keep an eye on the site to see how it works out, but for now it seems what i wanted 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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