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    I have been using Flickr Gallery plugin for a couple years and recently it has been crashing my website with a “too many processes” error. So I decided to upgrade my hosting and use Flickr Shortcode Importer.

    I read the description of what Flickr Shortcode Importer plugin is supposed to do, and I thought I understood, but apparently I do not. Either that, or it does not work.

    I installed it. I activated it. I backed up my site. I checked the settings and they seem to make sense.

    I clicked to run the import and after what seems like a ridiculously long period of time, I finally get some results.. failed imports.

    The failed result code is:

    function () { if (c) { var a = c.length; n(arguments), j ? (l = c.length) : e && e !== true && (k = a, o(e[0], e[1])); } return this; }

    Further, it says there are only 7 Total [flickr(set)]s. I’m not sure how many sets I have linked in the past, but I’m almost certain it is more than 7. More often, I only link a single image than an entire set. Are those not included?

    I really hope I can get this to work, otherwise I spent $33 to upgrade my hosting for nothing, and I’m still stuck with Flickr Services connections crashing my site.


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  • A bit more information. I aborted the process and this was the resulting message: “All done! 0 [flickr(set)](s) were successfully processed in 1208 seconds and there were 2 failure(s). To try importing the failed [flickr]s again, click here.”

    That’s 10 minutes per failure.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon



    I’m bummed to hear about the problems you’re facing. Is it possible to know how you were previously including Flickr images in your site? Do you know if your webhost support file_get_contents and curl?

    If not, it’d be great if you could create an admin account for me to look at your setup. You can send the details via

    Do note that I’m back to the Italian countryside today and not able to probably debug further until Monday.


    Hey Michael, I am/was using the Flickr Gallery plugin. It’s my understanding from my ISP that the problem is with Flickr itself, and that other WordPress/Flickr plugins are failing as well. Their advice was to simply disable any plugin that accesses Flickr until the issue is resolved. I haven’t found any other specifics anywhere on the web, but have seen a couple others reporting it. If that’s the case, I’ll do what they suggest… wait and see if there are reports of the problem being fixed before going any further. Truth be told I’d rather continue using Flickr or other hosted image website, Picasa, Smugmug, etc.

    Thanks for the reply!

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    I just created a simple new post on my localhost with the content [flickr id="5348222727"]. Then I ran the Flickr Shortcode Importer, the image imported fine.

    Can you please try the same? If it fails, please create an admin account for me to look at your setup. You can send the details via

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Any luck getting ahead with this plugin?

    Thanks for following up, but no, I haven’t tried. I have also not had time to find out if Flickr and/or WordPress have solved their issues. As I said, ultimately, this is not a plugin I want to use and I do not want to host all my images on my blog website. I was looking for a quick solution to what I hoped was a temporary problem. If this plugin were to start working, then the other flickr plugin would also work, and I would no longer have the original problem.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Understood. Good luck.

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