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  • When I place the shortcode for a gallery of thumbnails onto a page, any text I place on the page is pushed to the bottom. For example, if I had a collection of pictures of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and wanted to put the title Wizarding World of Harry Potter above the shortcode, it gets pushed to the bottom.
    Code also has no effect on anything in the body of the Page. It is also impossible to center the rows of thumbnails with a div. Other images inserted into the page using the usual manner get slammed to the bottom as well. Is there a way to use this that will allow me to put content on the page that’s properly formatted?

    Here is a link to a test page I created. In the code, the text HP and Wii are each before the shortcode for each collection of thumbnails respectively.

    Any help?

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  • Hoib


    Hey darthmilhouse

    I have the exact same issue with You’re right, you cannot simply place text or content anywhere else except at the bottom. Pim Linders recently posted saying he’s not devoting much time now to this project but invites us to stay tuned. Don’t think I’d wait too long.

    Have you ever found a solution? Did you move on to another more mature plug-in – one that has instructions to follow?

    Hope you’re monitoring this thread.




    No solution other than manually creating icons that then link to a page that lists just the pictures. It’s less natural, but it works (not on my site, but rather on a friend’s site I’m working on).

    I’ve given up on a fix really. Hope to see one someday so I can revisit it.

    So many different plugins that do essentially the same thing, but completely differently with totally different presentations. Too bad there isn’t one that offers all of the features.



    Thank you for you input.
    I think this tells me to look to another plug-in for a better formatting “feel”.


    Had to solve this one by changing the flickr_highslide() function in flickr-highslide.php.

    What the function is doing is “echoing” the output, which means it doesn’t matter what WordPress is doing to format/process content, the plugin will just write it to the screen. According to WP documentation, a shortcode function should return a string of formatted output. So I changed the function to build a string, and return that, instead of writing anything to the screen.

    I’m dumping my version here. Hopefully the maintainer(s) will patch and release an update.

    [Huge chunk of code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]


    Thanks so much Ethan – fixed something I’ve been battling with for ages…

    Really appreciate it!


    Hi all,

    I have the same problem and was happy to find this post, but… on which line did you actually paste the code?

    I’ve tried to add it but receive an error.

    I also tried to exchange the whole code that you posted but with no results 🙁

    Would be great if you could give me a hand with this! I love the flickr highslide plugin, but with this “bug” I cant use it.

    Thanks in advance,


    problem solved!

    Hi again,

    …any chance to use this plugin as a widget too?


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