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    I installed and activated plugin then on the settings screen entered the API key and Flickr User ID. When I click ‘Save’ it returns an error message at bottom of the settings screen :

    The Flickr API has returned the following error message.
    1: User not found

    Then also entered API Secret, generated the authentication token, and authorised access to photostream on Flickr site but the error message remains the same.

    My Flickr ID is my Yahoo ID. Any ideas to get around this problem?

    Many thanks

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  • Your Flickr username is not necessarily the same as your Yahoo username. For example, my Yahoo username is dthought42, but my Flickr username is “Dan Coulter” (without the quotes). Your Flickr username is the one that appears at the top of the page on your photostream.

    Ok, I made a dumb mistake somewhere in 0.4. It has been fixed in the version that I just put out (0.4.3).

    Thanks Dan,
    I just checked the name at the top of the photostream page and it is the same username that I’ve specified on the settings screen.

    I’m puzzled about the error message on the settings page, since I can authorise WP access to the photostream on the Flickr site, which is part of the settings process.

    When I insert gallery code into a post, such as [flickr-gallery mode=”recent”], there are no photos to view and no error messages are displayed. This stumps me too.

    Success! You posted just as I was preparing my post. I’ve uploaded the latest version and it has fixed the error message. I used one of your examples in the README file to confirm that I could display a photostream. Then I realised that the permissions on my photos needed to be changed to allow public viewing. You have been a great help – thanks Dan!

    Still doesn’t work for me. My username is bastiand (at least that’s the name at the top right of my photostream. But when I try to save, the user-id settings field is cleared and the plug-in displays “When you enter your API key and Flickr User ID, your photos should appear here. ” Unfortunately, the API key is entered, enabled, authorized and the user name WAS entered :(. So how can I find my user-id compared to my username?



    If you’ve got the latest version, you should see either an error or a sample of photos at the bottom of the settings page. Do you see either?

    Hm. It seems I still don’t use the right user-id. My flickr username is bastiand. But it only works with the selection “username (the name…”. If I enter bastiand as username and use the user-id selection in the combo box, it says user not found.

    I wonder if it would work with the correct user-id. But how can I find out my user-id?

    If you’re logged in to Flickr and go to the API Explorer, you’ll see a bunch of helpful values on the right hand side. The first one will be your user ID.

    Thanks a lot – the API explorer helped, as it showed me my user-id (totally different from everything I saw before).

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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