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  • Just installed the latest version and put a set tag in:

    [flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157605870230826"]

    and there is no Lightbox happening – I click an image and it goes to Flickr.

    Additionally, there is a ‘Next Page’ button at the bottom (positioned a bit absurdly) but it doesn’t go to the next page of images.

    Do I need to install Lightbox separately – didn’t find any information about this in the documentation. If so, which Lightbox (a WP plugin or just drop a lightbox dir into the gallery plugin directory)?


    Unfinished test site here:

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  • Yeah, having the same problem with the lightbox, but not sure how to fix it. The code’s a little beyond my understanding. I’m pretty sure it’s got its own lightbox built in.

    You need to make sure that your theme supports the wp_head hook.

    The easiest way to do it is to edit your themes header.php and make sure you put this code in between the header tags:

    <?php wp_head(); >

    are there any solutions to the lightbox not working? Im having a problem getting it to work with IE8, works fine in other browsers mind you.

    On my site, the lightbox works ok, but the “next page” button just gives me a blank page! Check it out: – try to click the “neste side” (next page).

    Also, I have made a Norwegian translation available for Flickr Gallery 1.3 at

    Best Regards, Peter

    I am also having trouble getting the lightbox to work…

    Any thoughts or suggestions on how to fix it?

    Im having the same issue. Using WP 3.01 and plugin v.1.4.0. The next page button sets all the image containers to visibility:hidden but doesnt seem to load a new page of thumbnails- they’re still the first set of images. Is this an incompatibility with my already-loaded jquery perhaps?


    Well I have been stepping through the code to try to figure it out, making a little progress, no fix but can repro. Quick workaround is
    using different shortcode

    [flickr-gallery mode=’recent’]

    so it is not a java bug as mentioned in different threads, it appears to be something in the default switch of the flickr-gallery php starting at line 244, still trying to figure it out, but looks way beyond what I am capable of coding wise so could really use help figuring it out


    Version 1.5 should have the fix for that. Let me know if it doesn’t.

    The next function isn’t working for me either.


    @laststraw, It works for me.

    Seems to work in Chrome, but not FF.

    Oops! I left some debugging code in there. I’ll clean it up and put out an update in a moment. thanks for pointing that out to me!

    OK, here’s a weird one. Lightbox isn’t working for me on one of my sites, but is working just fine on the other. Both sites are running WP 3.0.1 with Atahualpa 3.5.3, but have a somewhat different set of plugins. so I suspect a plugin incompatibility. Does anyone know of any plugin incompatibilities with this plugin? I checked the README and its website but didn’t find anything.

    Doesn’t work:

    OK, I found the problem. It appears to be a conflict with the “Referrer Detector” plugin. I’m guessing that, since both of these plugins appear to use JQuery, there is some sort of incompatibility there. Any chance of a fix?

    I was finally able to step through the code and found two problems

    I am only showing PhotoStream and Photosets

    The problem I was having with Photostream was the next button was not working

    To fix that I did the following

    I made a backup of the flickr-gallery.php

    At approx line 303
    page: flickr_gallery_photostream_page,

    I removed the comma

    two lines later is


    I also removed that line

    after I did that the next button worked

    I was having a problem with PhotoSets in that the link to flickr did not work it made a 404 error

    on line 1009 in the flickr-photo class

    I changed the href and deleted

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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