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  • Resolved jlinder


    Thanks very much for sharing the plugin with the rest of us.

    I’m trying to configure the plugin on my own site, but none of the city fields or property types come across in the search window. I did read that the parameters do vary from one MLS to another. If I obtain the various parameters for my MLS, where do I go about changing them to make the widget work correctly?

    Also, in our small market it would be equally as useful to have the mls “area” field available in place of or used with the city field. Any idea how to go about that?

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  • Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    Hi there,

    there is no an easy way to simply substitute the parameters beside hacking the plugin, but I’m considering making it easier in the next version to enter parameters that are unique to different MLSes. I’ll see if I can make the search widget customizable in a way that you can add your own fields – like the “Area” field that could be useful for your region.

    Just to clarify, the search widget doesn’t seem to communicate with my Flexmls link at all. When you select a search (city and price range) the Flex IDX opens, but it displays the max number of listings no matter what was inputted in the search widget. Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    Which MLS are you with?

    Clatsop MLS

    Hi Max,

    I entered my IDX url for my Flex MLS. I also created a list of cities. Wheen installing the widget to the page, everything showed up as entered. The problem I have is that when i hit “advanced search” it takes me to the IDX link to search for homes, even though I have already entered info. When i hit the “Search” button an error on a new page opens saying “This function is not available. Please contact your broker or your local MLS.” My mls is MetroMLS in Wisconsin. It is a FlexMLS system. When/If this problem gets solved, can I have results of the search show up on a page on my website, or does everythign have to be send to the IDX link? Thanks you very much!

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @jlinder – I contacted the FlexMLS to find out the field names and value codes for the property types in your MLS. Can you post a link to your site/page with the FlexIDX Home Search widget so I can see what the actual problem is?

    @smarch – please post a link to the page with the widget so I can examine it closely. As for the “Advanced Search” – the button itself is meant to take users to the main IDX search page and not return the results. This button is optional and can be removed via the plugin’s settings page.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @smarch – Your IDX has to be provided by the – that’s the only IDX this plugin currently supports.

    How ydo I go about getting that? Is there a cost associated?

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    Well… FlexMLS is a national MLS provider – they provide their software for different MLSes (including ours in Arizona) and IDX is just one of their additional products. So, for us it makes sense to use their IDX as well, since it integrates with agents’ MLS account. Yes, there is a cost – I believe their IDX cost $240 a year.


    The url is clatsophomebuyer(dot)com, I put the home search widget in the footer.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @jlinder – I know for a fact that the values of the property types for your MLS are different from ours, but the city field is standard. The cities are not being populated, because there is simply no city field in the search form. You might need to re-create your IDX link to make sure that includes the city field on the form.

    Let me know when you get that part working and I’ll tell you where to hack the code so the property types work as well. This is gonna be a temp. fix until I make add an option where users will be able to customize those fields form the back-end based on their MLSes.

    I finally figured it out. I struggled to add the city field, as you must do it under preferences –> my quick searches –> edit. You can’t add the city field from the IDX Manager that I could find.

    Also, I had asked about a area quick search. I was able to use the custom search widget and create links, so that works great.

    If you’ll let me know what code needs to be changed for the property types, I should be good to go. Will I be able to change the property types that appear? For example, we don’t have “loft” as an option in the MLS.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    Awesome! Glad you figured that part out. I noticed that your property types are already selected in the search – can you make them not selected? Otherwise new values can’t overwrite the pre-selected ones.

    ..after that,

    you’ll need to edit the flexIDXHS.php file. Scroll down to line #750. There will be a declaration of the function flexIDXHS_property_types().
    Substitute it with the following (make sure you replace completely without leaving any elements – the function starts with the word function and ends with the curly bracket } just before the next function, which is a price_range function):

    function flexIDXHS_property_types(){
        $property_types = array(
    		'SF,PH'         => 'Single Family Homes',
    		'TH,AF'         => 'Condos/Townhomes',
    		'LS'            => 'Loft Style',
    	$property_types = array(
    		'A'	=> 'Single Family Re',
    		'B'	=> 'Multi-Dwelling',
    		'C'	=> 'Land-Residential',
    		'D'	=> 'Commercial',
    		'E'	=> 'Land-Commercial',
    		'F'	=> 'Condo/Townhouse',
    		'G'	=> 'Moorage Slip',
    		'H'	=> 'Business Opportunity',
    		'I'	=> 'Manufactured in Park',
    		'J'	=> 'Shared Ownership',
        return $property_types;

    If you don’t need some of the options in the array – just place double slash at the beginning of that line – like this
    // some code here

    After that, go up to line #671, look around and find the line that looks exactly like this:
    if(typeof property_type != 'undefined' && property_type != ''){ search_link += '&DwellingType=' + property_type; }
    What we’re looking here is for the phrase &DwellingType – change it to &PropertyType in your case.

    Save everything. Test the widget.

    If you’re having issues, give me a temporary access to your site and I’ll fix it for you. You can email me directly at

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