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  • Plugin Author DaveE


    Hi dmorrisse,

    You’ll have to provide more context to your question that this. Do you have a website where I can view the issue? Really, Any CSS issues should be posted to a different forum, since this plugin doesn’t handle any CSS styling. Let me know if you can provide more context and we’ll go from there. Thanks.


    Dmorreisse has been trying to help me with this issue. The site is on and many other secondary pages. (Thanks to the help you provided several weeks ago, I can now set up the Flexible Posts Widget to begin showing post titles in the middle column, under the video playlist, starting after six posts are displayed with titles, thumbnails and excerpts.) The problem we are now having is that the list of posts display with <h4> tags (which are block-level elements) and the bullets from the
    <li> appear on a line above the <h4>s. I can display no bullets in the css, and then the list just shows okay, but I would like to have bullets with the hyperlinked titles on the same line. Is there a way I can change the tag on the <h4> to some inline element that would have a bold font? So instead of

    Title 1

    it would display as

    – Title 1

    Thank you for your help!

    Plugin Author DaveE


    Ah, I think I understand. The widget outputs code with the H4 tags wrapped inside the A tag. If you apply a display:block; to the a tag, it should properly “box” the H4 and thus appear on the same line as the bullet. Styles for this might look like: .widget_dpe_fp_widget a {display:block;}

    Alternatively, you could switch out the order of the widget output so that the A tag is within the H4 tag.

    Helpfully that helps,

    Dave, thank you for providing guidance! That resolved the problem nicely.

    We also added some line height, margin bottom on the li and pseudo classes.

    .widget_dpe_fp_widget a{display:block;line-height:150%}
    .block-type-widget-area li.widget ul li{margin-bottom:5px;}
    .block-type-widget-area li.widget ul li a:hover {color:#CC7524; text-decoration:underline;}
    .block-type-widget-area .horizontal-sidebar li.widget {
        float: left;
        margin: 0px 14px;
        width: 20%;
Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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