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    I’m very confused. I’ve downloaded this plugin to my dummy test site and I can’t work it out at all.

    I’ve tried to change to the setting but nothing is saved after I click on save changes.
    I’ve placed the widget in a sidebar but it doesn’t do anything.

    When I click on the link in a post I can’t see anything that happens.

    I just wanted a horizontal login but this doesn’t seem to work for me.

    Any help appreciated,

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  • Plugin Author palatino


    Hi Karen,

    I found a few bugs which I am working on currently. Later today I will release a new version. I will let you know. Did you check if the plugin works with all other plugins disabled? That is not what is intended but it would help to know.

    I just wanted a horizontal login but this doesn’t seem to work for me.

    That is exactly what I wanted, too. It is very helpful when you keep me posted so bugs can be resolved quickly.

    There is an upcoming new feature: login form on overlay. If you like to check it out visit the experimental webpage.

    No I didn’t check it with the other plugins disabled since this is for a client and if the plugin doesn’t work with those plugins then I can’t use it. I know it would have been helpful from your point of view 🙂

    Once the new version is ready I’ll test it on my dummy site and see if that cures the issues.

    Plugin Author palatino


    Hi Karen,

    I uploaded the new version. Please let me know if the errors disappeared.

    There is also a widget available now. If you have any feature request I would also appreciate to get to know them.

    Have a nice day.

    Plugin Author palatino


    It seems eveything is working again.

    I tried it but got stuck at when I couldn’t see the login text anywhere.
    I wanted it at the top right of my site.
    I tried placing the tag in my custom css and also in my header code section for my theme, and nothing happened.
    I tried for about 45 minutes different things and nothing.
    So, I disabled it.

    I’d love to have my login and register be a pop up but I’m frustrated.
    Any advice?

    I’ve been testing the widget.

    I didn’t understand that I had to put the code in the box itself for anything to show! I assumed that would be automatic. I wondered why I ended up with a box that just said close on it!

    The placeholder for lost password should be %lost_password% and not the one specified of %lostpassword%.

    When I try to login with the widget I receive an error ‘Please match the requested format’ for the username so I can’t sign in. And yes I’m using the correct username so I’m not sure what the error means.

    Plugin Author palatino


    @bizpower: The tag definitely does not belong into the CSS. Try to put <?php flexible_frontend_login_modal(); ?> into your header file and let me know if you get any result.

    @mtgamberwesbitedesign: Do you use the latest version? There is a widget called “Flexible Frontend Login” so you do not need to put the shortcode into a text widget. That was only in the very first release.

    Please be a little patient with me – this is still a version before 1.0 so you are a very helpful beta tester. The next release will come in a few hours.

    The error ‘Please match the requested format’ is due to the HTML5 feature of field validation and it seems I need to change that. Do you have any special characters in your username except A-Z, @, _ or . ? I will change the validation so it matches your needs.

    Yes as stated I was using the widget and in the latest version.

    No there are not an unusual characters in the username – just letters and numbers.

    Plugin Author palatino


    OK, I found it. Numbers were not allowed in usernames so far. Later today the fixed plugin will be uploaded. I will let you know here.

    Plugin Author palatino


    I promised to notify you. So here you are. Version 0.97 is out.
    @mtgamberwesbitedesign: Please let me know if the field validation for usernname works now.

    Hi I’m still getting this message and I’m using version 0.97.5 of the plugin.

    The error: ‘Please match the requested format’

    I saw above you were willing to address this issue for someone else, would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction?
    It seems the username field is throwing the error and I’m using this username: ww-admin
    It seems the dash is causing the problem.
    Just so you know, I have embedded it in my header.php file if that matters?

    Thanks in advance!

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