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  • I am trying to change the title of my Flexi Quote Rotator as it keeps displaying it as ‘Quote Rotator’ which doesn’t look good on the site. I’ve tried changing the title within the Widget edit box and also in Settings where there is an option to change the title.. both have not worked and I’m wondering if there is another way to change the title?


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  • Same problem here, can’t change the title in the widget.

    +1 can’t change the title.

    Same problem here. Can’t change title in either the Widget or the Settings > Quote Rotator. Anybody got another quote plugin they like?

    Yes. I ended up using Quotes Collection. Quick setup and validates!

    Looks good isle2isle – thanks for the tip. Very frustrating that no response has been provided by the author.

    Same problem here. That’s too bad, I like Flexi Quotes. I wound up using Testimonials Widget, it works well.

    Same problem, started under WP 3.4.2. I have no title in the settings, and can’t delete “quote rotator” title from the widget, or save a different font size. Message is “are you sure you want to do this?” and “Try again.”

    Any hope?



    This plugin doesn’t use the WordPress WidgetsAPI, presumably because the author’s implementation (serving the quotes via javascript) doesn’t allow for more than one instance.

    WP itself is blocking the updating of the widget options because of permissions.

    I switched to the Quotes Collection mentioned above. Works well.

    I switched from Quotes Collection because it’s really heavy on admin-ajax.php calls, and actually caused my host to block it.

    I’d like to figure a fix for this dumb “Quote Rotator” title thing not working. I even tried changing the title in the quote-rotator.class.php file.

    Any other ideas?

    Actually, I think I figured out a way to do it…

    Open up the quote-rotator.class.php file under the classes folder, and change the title of the widget itself. Down towards the bottom it says ` function displayWidget($args)



    $options = get_option(‘widgetQuoteRotator’);

    $title = $options[‘title’];’

    I deleted $options[‘title’] and put in what I wanted, and it worked. just leave $title =

    Not sure if it’s a great fix, but it’s a fix.


    Thank you for the tip, your solution worked perfectly.



    Worked for me too (once had removed the ; at the end of that line)


    I am new to this and was wondering if someone could help to figure out how to open up the quote-rotator.class.php file under the classes folder. I don’t know quite what steps to follow to do this.
    Thank you

    Can’t access my wordpress admin now. Please help.

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